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Shark Encounter – Rosemary White

Shark Encounter Rosemary White

Rosemary White of Clearwater, Florida is not afraid to hug a shark. She is a BD Fishin Chick and truly loves to fish. She has some shark stories born out of her many hours on the water. She shared them with us in this BD Shark Encounter.

Q:What’s the biggest shark you’ve ever caught?

A: The biggest shark I have ever caught was my spinner shark last year in the Florida Keys during, of course, SHARK WEEK!!!!! I was wearing a harness and I could sense every time the shark was about to jump and spin. When it did, my body could feel every move. It was as if the shark and I were one. He jumped about five times and spun like a bullet! The boys on the boat were afraid it was going to pull me in and my son was holding the harness. They all agreed that If I went overboard there would be no one to make dinner!

Q:What’s the biggest you’ve seen?

A: The biggest shark I have ever seen personally is the great hammerhead! We were doing a usual family fishing trip out of Clearwater, approximately 45 miles offshore. The bite was nonstop, the waters were heavily chummed but all of a sudden EVERYTHING was silent. It was as if even the air stood still, this only happens when there is a large predator nearby I said to myself. Everyone on the boat was hushed, eyes wide, until there she came. She rose silently from the depths like a ghost, she looked to be about 15-feet long and she was no fool. As softly and quietly as she rose, she descended back into the water once she saw the boat. It was truly breathtaking! Of course being the angler that I am; I said I want it! The captain rigged me up with the heaviest tackle we had. Not that I thought I would actually land it, but I never said I was the smartest. It took literally five minutes and the fight was on! Needless to say it took all of two seconds for the sheer weight and power of whatever it was to cut the line. I think it was her…..everyone else said I was nuts.

Shark Encounter Rosemary White

Q:Where have you seen the most sharks?

A: The most abundant of sharks I have seen both in the Florida Keys, and offshore right out of Clearwater. If you chum they will come!

Q:Have you ever been bitten?

A: No, knock on wood! One must have respect for what they are catching. Once you have a respect for the creature in your hands you are ok. Although I have been warned that this year in the keys, no sharks are coming onto the boat.

Q:What species would you call your favorite?

A: All sharks are my favorite, however for beauty the leopard shark and blue shark win the prize. For sheer strength and power, the great white and hammerhead reign supreme!

Shark Encounter Rosemary White

Q:What is your least favorite shark?

A: I do not have a least favorite; all sharks are truly amazing in their own way.

Shark Encounter Rosemary White

Q:Please tell the story of your most memorable shark encounter?

A: My most memorable shark encounter was whilst at a sandbar years ago. We had taken the kids to the sandbar to play for a bit and I was off exploring as usual. There was a deeper grassy area I was watching where I noticed bait being stirred and something was sending the pint-size fish into a frenzy. I waded out a bit to about thigh-high water. All of a sudden a HUGE figure emerged from the water, breaking through the school of bait. I realized what was going on and what I was watching was a hammerhead, about 12-feet long. I screamed in excitement and got the hell out of the water too! I was very saddened to hear a few days later, that a man caught a 12-foot hammerhead in the same area and dragged her in. She was full of pups, but she was donated to the Mote Marine Aquarium. My heart sank, but I know that I got to share the same water with her for a short time.