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Shark Encounter Dennis Friel

Marine Artist Shark Encounter Dennis Friel

Marine artist, Dennis Friel, of DFAS in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is an amazing artist whose works adorn many places. He shares his personal shark stories with us for Ten Days of Sharks on BD.

Q:What’s the biggest shark you’ve ever caught?

A:I caught a 7-Foot hammerhead while tarpon fishing at Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.

Q:What’s the biggest you’ve seen?

A:I once saw what must have been a 10-foot hammerhead run through a dolphin school we were fishing some years back. We were on a 17-foot Boston Whaler so perhaps it looked bigger than it really was.

Q:Where have you seen the most sharks?

A:Two years ago during their annual migration. Sharks were thick as thieves from Melbourne to Jupiter. Probably up and down the entire coast.

Q:Have you ever been bitten?

A:No, thank God.

Q:What species would you call your favorite?

A:It would have to be the mako since it’s a fantastic fighting fish. I am also one for speed and the mako definitely qualifies in that category.

Q:What is your least favorite shark?

shark encounter dennis friel

A:As an artist who paints many species I think they are all amazing.

Q:Please tell the story of your most memorable shark encounter?

A:In high school many years ago while surfing up near Sebastian Inlet, Florida, a bull shark tore through a “something” about twenty feet behind me, just past the break. I don’t think I ever paddled to shore so fast in my life. With my feet in the air of course.