Setting Your Drag Videos From Capt Rush Maltz

Capt. Rush Maltz is willing to share his vast fishing experience with anyone who is curious about the theories and finer points of setting your drags for a variety of fishing scenarios.

“I use a variety of drag settings depending on what kind of fish I’m targeting and what weight tackle I’ve chosen to use.  I test the drag by hand and over time you will get a feel for where to set the pressure before it slips,” said Capt. Rush.  “For bottom fishing, we use a tighter drag than for pelagics, but it still depends on what you’re after.  Mutton fishing, I like a drag that is firm but can slip, but grouper fishing you have to go tight and either “stop it or pop it.”

Setting your drag is a crucial part of fishing success and taking the time to get it right will pay off big for anglers of all walks of life.

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