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Seaguar Fluoro Premier

Seaguar Premiere Fluorocarbon

Seaguar Premiere Fluorocarbon

Fluorocarbon leader material is one of those things that no one likes to buy, but you can’t live without it. When it comes to tying knots and fighting abrasion, you want to use a fluoro you can trust such as Seaguar’s Fluoro Seaguar Premiere FluorocarbonPremier. All fluoro is less visible underwater than mono, so it’s crucial when fishing for leader-shy species.

According to Seaguar, the Premier has 42 percent more knot strength than its other brands of fluoro. The Premier also features a smaller diameter for its strength than its leading competitors. The Premier comes in sizes from 12- to 200-pound test and is perfect for all fishing applications, both fresh or salt. The Premier is UV resistant, high density and impervious to cold conditions. The fluoro retails from $10.99 to $70.99 depending on which pound test you purchase. For more info, visit

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