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Last Gasp For Seabass? – Weekend Fishing Outlook

Weekend Fishing Outlook

You know how you get those notices in Facebook…your memory 2 years ago or whatever?  I got one earlier this month, July 6th to be exact.  One year ago, I was on a 1.5 day trip on the Oceanside 95  with my buddy Cody Reynolds.  Cody had never caught a seabass.  I had an inkling we might get a shot on that trip.  The morning grey didn’t pan out as hoped.  The day was a plunker bite on yellows, hanging one or two every drift just offshore from San Clemente Island.  As the day turned to dusk, we drifted closer and closer to the kelp line.  After sunset, Capt. Rick Slavkin put down the anchor so we could settle in for dinner.  Magically, a squid float suddenly appeared all around the boat.

Where there’s squid…seabass are sure to follow

I put off dinner and dropped in a glow jig with 2 live squid.  I was setup on the starboard side by the wheelhouse.  Not 5 minutes later, I got bit and was following the fish down the rail.  Halfway down, and headed in the opposite direction, I ran into Cody.  He was bit too!  Long story short, I got mine, Cody got his, and that short flurry of a bite resulted in 8 fish hitting the deck.

Weekend Fishing

That was my last one for 2017

It was a good year.  I got 6 fish, at 3 different islands, and topped my personal best with a 62-pound fish caught aboard the Fortune in April at Cat.

2018 has been a different year.  Here we are now and it’s almost August.  I haven’t gotten a single one yet this year.  Between trips getting cancelled, conditions not working out, work getting in the way of getting out or fish just not wanting to go, I just haven’t scored.

I’m hoping for one last shot

Weekend FishingToday (Friday) marks the full moon.  As I’ve said before, the golden window is 3 days pre or post the full or new moon.  In the days leading up this week, the fish have been true to form.  They bit all up and down our coast.  The bite that had been mostly absent for awhile up in the Channel Islands re-emerged.  Previously mentioned Fortune Sportfishing had an epic trip on Wednesday that resulted in full boat limits for passengers and crew.  My buddy Anthony Noy (right) was on the trip and got his first taste of California chrome.  They even bit on random local trips like they did for this happy 8 year old young lady (below) yesterday on the half day boat, New Seaforth.

Weekend Fishing outlookLive squid is available this weekend, so everything seems to be lining up for a legit shot at one of the most prized fish that we catch here in Southern California.  At this point, it might be hard to get on an appropriate boat, but the chance of getting lucky and scoring a random like the young lady above is there.  It’s not that these fish ever really leave, but Spring and Summer are the prime time and this weekend might be the last good shot for the year.

Why not go fishing?

Good luck if you get out there.

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