Raising Money for Save CA

CA fishingAt the recent Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, California, many booths had banners on display showing their support for, a website developed to raise money to protect angler’s rights. Vendors were also sticking postcards in shopping bags explaining the need for California anglers to support this cause that is battling against the Marine Life Protection Act.

CA fishingBD Outdoors, which helped develop the website and has played an instrumental role in getting more companies involved, took things a step farther. BD’s very own Barrett Howarth (Captain CABO on the forums) literally donated his head to the cause.

Okay, that may sound strange, but Barrett agreed to let anglers chop off his crazy hair at $20 a pop to raise money for the fight against the MLPA.

Barrett has been growing out his curly, afro-like hair for more than six months and it was time for a cut — big time! So, BD’s Brant Crenshaw “leased” his head for the weekend under the premise that anything (and everything) goes, and all the money raised would go to help fight the enviros who are pushing for the marine closures up and down the California coast.

Korine and Cory, the wives of BD’s Ali Hussainy and Derek Redwine, went to town on Barrett’s hair and tied it into more than 75 braids. This happened at the show on Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday show-goers were invited to take off a braid using either a Bubba Blade knife or a pair of scissors — the knife was way more fun!

CA fishing

Barrett, always the good sport, made a show of it and the braids that were chopped off were taped up to the new-and-improved BD booth. By the end of the show, Barrett’s head helped raise more than $300 for Well done, Barrett!