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Blackmouth Salmon Action at Washington’s Resurrection Derby

This last weekend, we headed up to Friday Harbor to participate in the 2nd annual Resurrection Derby. What a great event! It is well run by Kevin Klein and Jay Fields, and we will definitely be doing this one again. 69 boats entered the derby (up from 47 last year) and 96 fish were caught over the 2 day derby. We managed to find some bait that served us well, and we put 7 fish on the boat over 2 days with the biggest going 16.01 lbs on the Derby Scale, enough for 3rd place and $1500! I ran the DEFIANCE GUADALUPE 290 for this event and was in absolute heaven! I need to do this more often! 😉 The killer rig for us was the QCOVE BREAKAWAY GLOW PEARL FLASHER with a Silver Horde IRISH CREAM SPOON. The FIN NOR MARQUESA saved the day when I had to back down on our winning fish to prevent the seal from snatching it up. Without the 6.2:1 Gear ratio and super smooth and even drags, I doubt we would have gotten that fish. Good crews are vital for competition events, and I definitely had the right guys on the boat this weekend! These blackmouth are sooooo TASTEY! Get out there and getcha some!My team (consisting of Hardwood Jerry, Don Mooney (Moonedo),Jeff Stulc) and I headed up to Port Townsend thursday morning to launch and start our scouting effort.

Being opening day (Dec. 1st), the waters were untested and it was anybody’s game. We set up shop and started our efforts at some of the more well documented areas.

My team and I headed to Area 7 this last weekend to partake in the Resurrection Derby to throwdown on some tastey winter Blackmouth. This is a fishery that I usually do not take part in because my mind is south of the border in warmer waters. This year, I am staying close to home and taking advantage of this great fishery that we have access to.

Blackmouth Salmon Action at Washington’s Resurrection Derby

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Capt. Tommy Donlin, the BD Outdoors Pro Staff representative for the Pacific Northwest, has more than 20 years of experience fishing the waters from Sitka, Alaska, to Clarion Island off the coast of Mexico. He chases everything that swims off the Washington coast, including tuna, salmon, lingcod, halibut, crab and shrimp. Tommy spends countless hours on the water hunting and honing his fish-catching skills. He is a firm believer that the devil is in the details and strategy is everything.

“Prior to each trip, I run through the game plan in my head minute by minute, making sure that I haven’t missed anything,” he says. “Then I go out there and execute that plan.”

Tommy is also a pro staffer for Defiance Boats and gives many seminars throughout western Washington. He’s extremely active on the Washington Forum on www.bdoutdoors.com.