Fresh Fish Tips – How To Pick A Fresh Fish

How To Pick Fresh Fish

Everyone knows that going to the “Fresh Fish Market” does not always mean the fish are all right off the boat.  Picking out the freshest fish from the case can be more of an art than a science, but Fly Navarro is with Grant from Cod & Capers Seafood to learn some tricks of the trade for picking fresh fish.

fresh fish tips

Grant explains to Fly some helpful tips to determine if a whole fish is fresh in the seafood market.  One common factor is to look at the fish’s eyes.  If they are relatively clear, then they should be fresh, but there are exceptions.  If the fishermen are chilling the fish in an icy brine, then the eyes can become cloudy despite being totally fresh.   “Its also very good for the fish to still have its slime coat on the outside of its skin.  Check the gills for red color instead of gray.  Finally, if you open up the gut cavity and smell it and feel for smooth cavity lining instead of a gritty cavity”, says Grant.  “This is the final, sure indicator of fresh fish.”

picking fresh fish and seafoodGetting the freshest fish from the case can make a huge difference in the final product when you take it home and cook it.  Even a really good eating fish, like snapper and grouper, can get fishy tasting if they are getting on the tail end of their shelf-life.

Picking out the best fish at the market can be tricky. Check out these tips to get the best.

Signs Of Fresh Fish

  • Clear eyes in most cases
  • Slime coat still on skin
  • Gills are still red, not gray
  • Lining of gut cavity is smooth and slick, not gritty or dry

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