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Rancho Leonero Offers Fred Hall Specials

Visit the Rancho Leonero Resort’s booth at the Fred Hall Shows in California, and you could get an amazing deal. Rancho Leonero will be exhibiting at the show, which runs from March 7-11, and offering discounted rates to stay at their East Cape resort.

To get the special Fred Hall rates, you must schedule a trip to Rancho Leonero between August 20 and September 20, 2012. The special rates are as follows:

• Standard Room Double Occupancy Daily Rate: $93.75

• Deluxe Room Double Occupancy Daily Rate: $138.75

• Garden View Double Occupancy Rate: $138.75

• Ocean View Double Occupancy Rate: $168.75

There is a three-night minimum and one day of chartered sport fishing at normal pricing required. No additional discounts, certificates, or coupons are applicable in combination with the special.

Located in the East Cape region of the Baja Peninsula, Rancho Leonero is a laid-back, fishy resort that caters to anglers and families looking for a relaxing vacation with plenty of diving and fishing.

Rancho Leonero offers a fleet of pangas and charter boats to target a wide range of species in the Sea of Cortez, including dorado, tuna, billfish and wahoo as well as one of the best roosterfish bites in Baja.

Make sure to swing by the Rancho Leonero booth at Fred Hall or visit www.rancholeonero.com for more information.