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Rail Fishing for Big Game – Rail Fishing Tips

11Rail fishing for Big Game

Rail Fishing

Long-range anglers are not afraid to put the rod on the rail, get down low and use their body weight to fight big fish. The rail becomes the fulcrum point and the rod acts as a lever. Rail Fishing Tips.

10Rail fishing for Big Game 2

Fishing tips

It takes a bit of time to perfect your rail-fishing techniques, but once you get it figured out you’ll see results quickly. You don’t need to be a big dude to catch cows, you just need good form.

9outside rail

outside rail

This angler is braced in the corner and using the outside edge of the rail to gain line on the fish. From this position you would go low to load the rod and stand up to crank in line. Remember, every inch counts in this game.

8big tuna over rail

fishing tips

When everything goes according to plan, an angler can whip a big tuna’s butt without ever putting on a stand-up belt or harness.

7inside rail

inside rail fishing technique

In a dragged out fight, get down low and use the inside edge of the rail. Put the rod in your armpit and crank on the reel handle whenever the fish gives you an opening.

6slay cow tuna

big fish tip

This is what it’s all about. Even big, stubborn cows can’t compete with a determined angler who’s using the proper form and equipment.


notch on rail

A well-seasoned rail shows the wear and tear of many hard-fought battles with big fish. The larger grooves keep rods from falling over if the angler needs to run to the bait tank.

4brace yourself

fishing yourself

If you can get yourself braced in the corner, you’ll be in a better position to put the screws to the fish.

3listen up

Listen up to your trainer

The deckhands on a long-range boat are there to help you out. Listen to their instructions, do what they say and you will see your technique improve.

2landing game

landing on fish

At the end of the fight, a tuna will begin to swim in big circles. Gain line as the fish moves toward the boat and get ready for the gaffs to come out. You’re almost there.

1pay day

Big tuna catches

Catching big tuna from a long-range boat is no picnic and it will tax your stamina. But, the end result is oh so sweet when that cow comes up over the rail.