As we embark on our many fishing adventures the thoughts and hopes are always that things go “as smooth as silk”. Expectations are mostly met with reality with expected speed bumps encountered and the opportunity to make the best of it. When bringing guests along and when these guests are part of the BD Outdoors community the pressure is on to show them a great time, great fishery, and great culture and that’s just what we encountered in La Paz.

While the fishing encountered wasn’t trophy hunting what it didn’t provide in size it did provide in variety and several first-time species encountered. Enough good can’t be said about our Race to La Paz winners Devon and Cliff Allen, world class folks and anglers.

As we look to the future for the “Race To” events we’ll be looking to roll not just one out this year but the hope is that we can get a few going to bring value to our angling community. Make sure to stay tuned as we have some great spots in the cooker for 2022.

Trip Details

Lodging: Costa Baja Resort & Spa

Fishing: Baja Adventure Co

Transportation: Cross Border Xpress, Volaris

Meals: Steinbeck’s, Anzuelo, Origen, Tailhunter Restaurant & Bar

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