Race To Louisiana Video Flash Back

Race To Louisiana

Each year for the past four years, BD Outdoors has run it’s most popular Race to Somewhere Contest. We spent the first three taking unsuspecting winners to do battle with giant bluefin tuna in PEI, Canada with Capt. Tony’s Tuna Fishing. We enjoyed three incredible years of blowing the winner’s mind at the sheer power of these giants and the amazing overall experience of the area.

Last year we decided to try something different, though it was hard not to return to the hospitality of Capt. Tony and his crew.

race louisiana

We were lucky to arrange a trip to Venice, Louisiana, the home of Journey South Outfitters whose hospitality and operation were equally inviting. Our contest winner was chosen, Andrew Spangler of Southern California, and arrangements were made to fish early December 2015. But as can happen to all man-made plans, Mother Nature waved us away with steady high winds and huge seas. We delayed the mission until we could regroup and rebook for late April.

This time the weather was better and the final call was given. Our team and our winner converged on New Orleans from our various parts of the country we call home. A new twist to this year’s adventure was the addition of our amazingly talented camera crew who would be filming this trip for an episode of our new fishing TV show Local Knowledge.

fishing outfitterWe pulled into the Journey South Lodge and were welcomed by Captains Eric and Moe Newman. A husband and wife team, both are experienced captains and well versed in Southern hospitality and every aspect of the fisheries that surround them.

local knowledgeThe trip was amazing and Andrew got to experience many firsts.

This video captures the magic of Louisiana and the hospitality and fishing talents of Journey South Outfitters.  It is also a great place to demonstrate the value of good equipment and tackle and we thank our industry partners for making that an integral part of these trips.  Check out their gear and see why quality makes a difference!  Costa, AFTCO, Okuma, Mustad and Seaguar. Without their great products and attention to detail, we would be under-gunned while tapping this great fishery.

race to

The highly anticipated Race to Somewhere is under way and the drawing is December 8th, 2017!

One lucky BD winner will win an all expenses paid trip to Los Sueños, Costa Rica to fish with the experts from Maverick Sportfishing, while relaxing at the Los Sueños Resort and Marina, located on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast.