Question Of Perspective


If you’re part of our community, you’ve probably been hit up by now to rise up to the #profishingchallenge.  It’s a modern day chain letter of sorts, other than it doesn’t forebode doom if you don’t choose to participate.  The idea is you post a fishing picture a day for 10 days and each day you nominate another angler to take up the challenge.

It’s basically an opportunity to pull out your brag book of fishing pics.

I’ve got 10 good pics easy, so of course I’m playing along. Anyway, on Friday I posted my big tuna (top) a 188-pound (taped) yellowfin that I caught in February on my Maximus trip.  It got me thinking.

My Maximus trip was $1540 for 3 days of fishing, food included.  I want to say I paid $135 to rent my gear from the boat.  $400 something for airfare to get down there.  I spent money on tackle that I brought down there, and also to process fish, but let’s set that aside for the moment.  Add it all up, about $2100.

I was happy to pay that money for the experience.  I saw my first live cow tunas ever, and just fell shy myself.  I caught my personal best, TWICE on that trip.  I put five fish on the boat.  It was a totally new experience, with good people and good food. Great deal in my book.  If you took an 8, maybe 10 day trip on a long range boat, you would spend significantly more to have the same opportunity.  And for me, it’s just kind of impossible to take an 8-10 day trip and be away from work that long.

NLO_278bft_080816In my Inshore vs. Offshore post last week, in the case for offshore, I mentioned there was the opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime.  One of the bigger ones I’ve seen recently was this 278 caught on the New Lo An August 8th (right).

I’m riding on the Pacific Queen on August 28th for a 1.5-day trip.  Capts. Drew Card and Gavin Harbour have had a hot hand all season on these big fish as evidenced by them appearing regularly in this column.  The picture below was taken August 5th.  I didn’t use a more recent one because I already used those pics in my last 2 articles!


The cost on my Pacific Queen trip is $360.  Food isn’t included, so add another $50.  Cost of a tank of gas to get to San Diego and back $25 (I drive a Prius.  How much will you spend to drive your truck to San Diego?).  Add it all up $435.  Tips, processing, tackle…you’re going to pay whether you go to Puerto Vallarta or San Diego.  Two 1.5’s = $870.

On the Maximus trip, we got a say 3/4-day of fishing on the 3rd day.  With two 1.5’s you get 2 full days on the water.  But even if you add in another trip, you’re only at $1335 for more time on the water.

My point is…YES it’s tough to score on these fish.  You see a lot of big foamers and usually they don’t bite.  If you went on 3 trips though, chances are you’d get one of these big bluefin AND have the bragging rights to say you got it local during the great El Nino of 2014-2016 AND saved about $800 in the process.

Show it to your significant other.  It’s a bargain, just do the math 😉  But you better hurry up because it won’t last forever.

Good luck if you get out there.

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