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Quantum EXO Baitcaster

Pick up the new EXO Baitcaster from Quantum and you’ll likely have the same reaction as just about everyone else does when they lift up this reel. As you weigh the EXO in your hand, it just doesn’t seem right. How the heck did Quantum get this reel so light?

The trick is removing any excess weight and using nothing but the very strongest, lightweight materials available. The name itself, EXO, is a take on exoskeleton, because that is what the cutting-edge look of the reel resembles, an exoskeleton of a reel.

The EXO turned many heads at the 2011 ICAST tackle trade show. Quantum did such a great job concealing the new EXO products that they chose not to enter the reel in the new product showcase (where it likely would’ve taken home some awards). Instead, they created a big buzz about the new reel, and deservedly so. Without a doubt, EXO is one of the biggest, lightest things to hit the fishing market in years.

EXO’s cutting-edge looks are obvious. But pick it up, and certainly, you’ll know you’re holding something very different. Mostly because of what’s not there. At only 5.9 ounces — the exoskeletal aluminum frame and side covers help create a reel that is almost 40 percent lighter than the most popular baitcasting reels launched just five years ago.

“We took a very close look at what’s not needed in a baitcasting reel’s frame — and we took it out,” said Quantum’s marketing man Bob Bagby. “But the biggest thing to note is that we didn’t lose strength and function in the process. In fact, we maintained the hardy 150-sized gears in a smaller, sleeker 100-sized frame when we built EXO.”

After engineers put the new EXO through the rigors of Quantum’s exclusive PT Test Lab, Bagby took EXO prototypes to the parking lot outside his office door and purposely ran over it with his pickup truck. No failure. Nothing bent. Toughness test passed.

The EXO offers superior casting control with its 7-position internal cast control dial that allows anglers to select the exact amount of braking they desire to match exact casting conditions.

EXO is offered in a super-fast 7.3:1 ratio, as well as a mid-range 6.6:1, and Kevin VanDam’s favorite 5.3:1 crankbait setup. EXO retails for around $249.

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Model Mono Cap. Braid Cap. Gear Ratio I.P.T. Max. Drag Bearings Weight
EX100HPT 145 YDS/12 LB. 185 YDS/30 LB. 7.3:1 31″ 17 LBS. 10+1 5.9 OZ.
EX100SPT 145 YDS/12 LB. 185 YDS/30 LB. 6.6:1 28″ 17 LBS. 10+1 5.9 OZ.
EX100PPT 145 YDS/12 LB. 185 YDS/30 LB. 5.3:1 24″ 17 LBS. 10+1 5.9 OZ.