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Private Boater’s Guide To San Clemente Island

Private Boater’s GuideFollowing up on the success of the Private Boater’s Guide to Catalina Island, the folks at are proud to release their latest product, The Private Boater’s Guide to San Clemente Island, now available at and your local fishing tackle dealer.

Each 8-page laminated and spiral-bound San Clemente Island Boater’s Guide features over 70 GPS locations of popular fishing spot and dive sites, overlaid with simplified and accurate Navy closure zones, giving you an at-a-glance reference while on the water.  From kite fishing offshore at the 43 Fathom Spot, to chucking surface iron over shallow Backside reefs, this guide has you covered.

Private Boater’s Guide

The island’s infamous Navy Safety Zones, “No Anchorage” areas and offshore Hazardous Operations Areas are clearly marked, with regulation summaries & GPS boundaries printed right on the map.  Fish and dive at SCI with confidence!

Private Boater’s GuideEach map also features a calibrated GPS grid, so you can plot the coordinates of any reef areas, pinnacles or other fishy-looking bottom features and navigate right to your new favorite fishing spot.

The Private Boater’s Guide to San Clemente Island is the second title in a series of seven Boater’s Guides to cover the entire coast of Southern California, from Point Conception to the Mexican Border.

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