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Plano EDGE Is Revolutionary For Tackle Storage

In the past couple of years, Plano has continued to expand its new line of premium tackle storage options, the EDGE series of Plano storage boxes for any variety of tackle.

For years, I’ve used Plano Stowaway boxes for tackle organization and storage.  The Stowaway boxes have evolved themselves over the years, and we’ve previously offered tips to modify them a little to make them even better.  It turns out that Plano has been planning their own improvements too, and they go way beyond anything we’ve seen to date.

Plano EDGE

The EDGE series totally cures the issues of loose dividers with the firmly interlocking dividers.  You still have the flexibility of laying the box out to suit your needs, but now the dividers stay put no matter what.  Small swivels or hooks will not mix because the divider raises up as you are retrieving tackle.

Plano EDGE

Now they’ve taken it a step further and built ventilation holes in the dividers and the revolutionary Water Wick™ divider with a reusable moisture-wicking packet that helps draw the inherent moisture out of the air inside of the box.  The box is sealed with a sturdy o-ring and the entire box is infused with Rustrictor™ technology which prohibits rust and corrosion on your expensive tackle inside the box.

Plano EDGE

Another feature of the Edge series, which is offered in a growing number of configurations, is the DuraView™ crystal-clear polycarbonate lid which allows easy viewing of your tackle.  You also have the ability to label your boxes accordingly using the EZ Label™ system, a re-usable section on the top edge of the box.

They also feature a sturdy, one-handed opening latches that just makes sense when you need your tackle fast!

They have created EDGE boxes for terminal tackle, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, large lures, and soft plastic baits as well.  They come in the popular 3600 and 3700 sizes as well as the larger specialty boxes.  These will be the last boxes you need to buy as the quality was just as important as function in the new designs.

You spend a lot on tackle and for the opportunity to finally be on the water.  Make the most of it and make your investments last with the new Plano EDGE series.

Visit the Plano website for more information.

Capt. Scott Goodwin
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