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Phenix Rods Launches New Site

Phenix Rods has long been a leader in both the fresh and saltwater fishing rod categories. So, the company decided it was time freshen up it’s online presence and redesign its website. The new Phenix site, , aims to further support the company’s reputation of being an innovative rod builder.

From exotic burl wood accents throughout their fishing rod lineup, to hybrid material technologies, to top-of-the-line components, Phenix’s research-and-design department spends countless hours improving, perfecting, and most importantly, using its own products. Phenix is proud of its creations and wanted a website that showcases the company’s products and quickly provides specifications and other important information for the consumer. A simple yet robust menu allows for easy navigation, while a redesigned shopping experience makes purchasing the slick apparel and gear that Phenix offers a cinch.

Most important to Phenix is how its products perform, so special emphasis was put on the actual use of the rods.

“Phenix in Action” is a section of the website, as well as a component on individual fishing rod pages, that displays photos of customers and pros with the fish they caught on their Phenix rods.

Content for Phenix in Action is pulled directly from the Phenix Facebook page by connecting to Facebook’s API, keeping the two websites synched and up to date. Facebook “like” buttons have also been included on each fishing rod’s page, allowing fans of an individual product to show their support and help the company make its message more viral.

The new site has many more features so spend some time on it and check out all of the new tools.