Saltwater Fishing

Party Boat Fishing- What Long Range Trips Are About

Fishing the Big Boats

Get in on the big boat action and check out what these single and multi day fishing trips are all about.

The Landings at Pt Loma

The Point Loma Landings in San Diego are home to one of the most experienced fleets of sport fishing boats in SoCal. They offer trips of varying lengths to accommodate any angler’s desire.

Pronto Party Boat

The Sport Boats are standing by to take individuals or groups offshore to experience the thrill of saltwater fishing.

Large Party Boat Cockpit

Huge cockpits, lots of rail space and enormous bait receivers are typical characteristics throughout the fleet.

Day at the Dock Party Boat Preview

If you really want to tour the boats, San Diego’s annual Day at the Docks event is a great time to walk aboard many of them.

Party Boat Rockfish

Delicious is the best way to describe a mixed bag of rockfish.

Intrepid Bait Tanks

The boats take an amazing amount of live bait from the bait barge and can keep it alive in these huge wells.

Party Boat Salon

The multi-day boats offer comfortable live-aboard amenities and great food.

Producer Fishing Boat

The boats are designed to take a group complete with gear and bait and travel great distances in search of untouched fishing grounds.

Intrepid Party Boat Galley

Many of the boats have full time chefs who whip out some amazing on-board meals.

Long Range Boat Food

Fresh fish anyone? Amazing dishes from the boat’s chef.

Party Boat Wheel House

The captain’s use state of the art technology and from the gut intuition to put their parties on fish and keep everyone safe.

Party Boat Cockpit

These big boats create a huge, stable platform from which to fish.

Party Boat Private Staterooms

Anglers can retreat to their private staterooms during the travel time or when you just can’t turn the handle another crank.

Party Boat Bunk Room

Other boats offer dorm style bunking.

Tackle Party

Utilizing the long ride, these anglers prepare their tackle for the frenzy to come.

Long Range Wooden Tackle Boxes

Custom wooden tackle boxes are very nostalgic on the party boat scene. Often serving as the anglers complete tackle station, some of these boxes are amazing displays of craftsmanship.

Independence Fishing Boat

The 112-foot Independence is a modern day sport boat with a 6000-mile range, 700-scoop bait capacity and four extra large fish holds.

Party Boat Yellowtail

Tuna and dorado are just two species you might catch on a long-range trip.

White Seabass

The highly sought after seabass is another fish you might catch.

Party Boat Bluefin Tuna

Anglers of all skill levels have a shot at trophy fish like this tuna.

Fishermen 3

Trips vary in length from day trips, overnighters to two-week adventures.

The Ride

No lies are told here. The camaraderie amongst fishermen is part of the fun.

Long Range Wahoo Catch

party boat

Wahoo, a highly prized game fish, are often one of the options on a long-range trip.

Long Range Tuna

Catching Cow yellowfin tuna is a dream come true for anglers.

Fishing the Rail Long Range

party boat

Sport boat anglers have learned to use the rail to their advantage!

Marlin on the Long Range Boat

long range

You could even catch a marlin.

Long Range Jacuzzi

We didn’t ask… but if your itching to get on the water and catch some fish, check out the Point Loma sport boats and join the party!

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