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Parker 2120 Sport Cabin – Minimum Size, Maximum Potential

The only problem is that once you get a hold of her, you might not ever want to let go of that Parker 2120 SC.

The Parker 2120 SC is one of the smallest boats around to offer a full stand-up pilothouse with 360-degree protection and the potential to fish anywhere, anytime.

If you haul a big crew over long distances and have a huge tow vehicle, a boat like the Parker 2820 Sport Cabin – the largest offering from this builder – makes a lot of sense. And if you need a scaled-down fishing machine, their 2320 Sport Cabin is going to be a contender. But what about those of us who have limitations that impose further size constraints, be it due to finances, storage space, or any number of issues? For us, it’s a good thing Parker builds the 2120 Sport Cabin.

Parker 2120 SC
The Parker 2120 SC is the smallest cabin model in Parker’s line-up, and it’s also one of the most compact boats available with a fully enclosed cabin.

The Parker 2120 SC is not, like so many modern models, crammed full of foo-foo garbage like the sunpads and swing-out inwale settees that seem to have invaded our fishing realm. You wouldn’t call it a manly-man’s boat because as we all know, there are plenty of gals out there who can swing a rod with the best of ‘em. But it is clearly built with an attitude that harkens back to the days before fishing boats became bi-curious. The hull is still hand-laid, stainless-steel fittings are still through-bolted with backing plates, the hull to deck joint is still through-bolted, and the hull still has 21 degrees of deadrise and gobs of flare at the bow. Quite simply, the Parker is built to get you to the fish and back repetitively, reliably, and safely –leave the blender and daiquiri mix at home.

Parker-2120 Specifications

  • LOA – 21’0”
  • Beam – 8’6”
  • Draft – 1’3”
  • Displacement – 3,250 lbs.
  • Transom deadrise –21 degrees
  • Fuel capacity – 90 gal.

Speaking of getting to the fish: with a single Yamaha F200, you can expect cruising speeds in the neighborhood of 30 mph running between 4000 and 4500 rpm, while getting over three miles to the gallon. Run the boat at a mellow 20 knots and you’ll see more like four mpg. And at the other end of the spectrum, nail the throttle and top-end reaches the mid-40s. That F200 is right in the sweet spot for this rig; if you want to save a bit of cash upfront you can opt for an F150, but efficiency actually drops a bit as the smaller engine works harder. Cruising speed falls into the 20-something range (while mpg still sits just over three mpg) an getting up to the mid-30s would mean running at 5500 rpm. Plus, consider resale value. Most potential buyers will want to see 200 horses perched on the transom – or maybe even the maximum 225.

Parker sport cabin 2120
The F200 may seem a bit large on the 2120, but it’s the ideal powerplant for this rig. In this case, note a side-benefit of the cabin: a place to stow large items, like this pair of planer boards, common to Chesapeake Bay fishing.

Once you get where you’re going, you’ll find the fishing basics are present and accounted for: a raw water washdown, 19-gallon livewell, flush-mount rodholders (four in the gunwales and two centered behind the livewell), cockpit lighting, and of course the wide-open cockpit. Two items appear on the options list, however, that we’re calling must-haves. The rack of six rocket launchers for the cabin top, and the second steering station on the back of the cabin bulkhead. True, this does seem like a small rig to have aft controls. Because it is. But if you don’t get them, you’ll regret it each and every time you have to reel in and put your rod down in order to make a maneuver.

Parker 2120 SC
The aft controls might seem like overkill to some, but if you get them you won’t regret them. In fact, we spoke to one 2120 SC owner who said his sole regret was that when he bought his boat. He didn’t think they were necessary and didn’t opt for aft controls.

One other down-side we have to point out about the Parker 2120 SC is the unavoidable down-side to having any cabin boat: there’s no bow cockpit to fish from. That said, between the bowrail, the flush sidedecks, and the flush foredeck, it’s not unreasonable to post an angler on the bow when casting. And when trolling, having the cabin up front won’t bother you one iota in the first place.

That cabin is, of course, also a tremendous up-side, especially for people who plan to fish in snotty weather and/or make long runs. Yes, on a boat of this size the cabin is relatively compact. The wheelhouse is comfortable for two or three people, and has a center-facing bench seat (with some extra tackle stowage underneath) across from the helm. Forward there’s a V-berth with a portable MSD hidden underneath. There’s no bulkhead separating the areas – a smart move, as it makes the entire space seem larger than it would if closed off – but there is a privacy curtain you can use in a pinch.

Parker 2120 SC
The cabin isn’t big but it is well thought-out, and maximizes the available space.

Other important items you need to know about? The boat has a small but sufficient swim platform on the transom. The cabin isn’t stuffy, thanks to sliding side windows and an opening windshield. There’s a pair of jump seats built in at the transom. And the dedicated anchor locker can accommodate a windlass with 300’ of rode. An important feature to note is also the fact that Parkers tend to be in demand, and when you’re ready to upgrade, reselling a 2120 SC is likely to be a piece of cake. At least, it will be from an analytical standpoint. Emotionally it might be a completely different story. Because all the Parker 2120 SC owners we’ve spoken with absolutely love their compact but competent fishing machines.

For more information, visit Parker Boats.

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