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Fishing season is upon us and for anyone who depends on a trailer to get your boat to the water, take a moment to check out some suggestions from the folks at Pacific Trailers in both Southern and Northern California locations.

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“A trailer is an important investment in your boating package, but it is often overlooked when it comes to routine maintenance”, said Jeff Ash of Pacific Trailers. “I hear stories everyday of people heading out for their vacations or anticipated fishing trips, only to have their plans dashed by trailer failure on the way to the fun. A failed trailer can cost you your expensive plans not to mention missing all of the fun.   We not only sell aluminum, galvanized and painted trailers, but our service department is rapidly expanding. We offer a wide variety of maintenance services that will prevent most common failures to trailer components. I would much rather do scheduled service during a boater’s downtime instead of seeing them miss their trips.”

Those who dip their trailers in saltwater are fighting a loosing battle against rust and corrosion, but with diligent prevention and maintenance, you can make your trailer last ten times longer than if you let salt go unchecked.

Salt is the #1 enemy, but so are heat, wear and age.

There are things you can do on your own to make your trailer last longer and then there are items that should be checked by professionals like Pacific Trailers. These routine service checks should be done about once a year or well in advance of a big trip with your trailer.


“Doing regular maintenance on your trailer is much cheaper in the long run compared to the compounding expenses of letting something fail. Dry bearings that fail can take out a hub or your entire axle assembly. I see this all of the time” said Jeff. “Instead of paying to lube a bearing, you end up rebuilding the entire axel assembly. For those who set out for adventure in the desert or down Baja, trailer maintenance is imperative.”

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Maintenance Tips For You At Home

  • Rinse your trailer every time you dip it in saltwater.
  • Spray down steel parts and electrical connections with a water repelling lubricant like CRC 656. Leaf springs, lug nuts, light plugs, winches and coupler parts. Don’t forget to lube the lugs holding the spare if you have them.
  • When your trailer is new or freshly cleaned you can coat these same vulnerable parts with Fluid Film or other sprays that leave a protective coating. Don’t use this if salty, as you will trap the salt underneath.
  • Check your tires for proper air pressure, dry rot or damage. A tire might look good, but after 5 years or so of age, you should plan on replacing the rubber tire.
  • Inspect your suspension and axel for rust. Surface rust can be wire brushed, primed and painted or coated with a zinc spray to slow down the rust. Deep rust should be inspected for potential failure points and replaced.
  • Check your lights for function and electrical connections for corrosion.

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Pacific Trailers Pre-Season Professional Service

Trained professionals will inspect the many parts of the trailer and ensure that everything is ready for the upcoming season.

  • Inspection of the brakes and actuators.
  • Bearing repack or replace.
  • Inspection of hub and axel assembly.
  • Inspection of tires, lights and connections.
  • If needed, re-carpet bunks with heavy-duty 24-ounce carpet to prevent boat damage.
  • Complete overall inspection and consultation on possible issues or prevention.

There is no good time or place for your trailer to break down.

So take heed and care for your boat trailer so that it will give you many more years of service. You may be saving yourself the aggravation, hassle and monetary loss of breaking down.

trailer tips

Let Pacific Trailers help you make the most of your investment if you live in California. If you don’t, Pacific Trailers has an extensive online service to order all types of trailer related parts and accessories.

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