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Rigging a Teaser Ring

When I rig a boat’s outrigger system, I often include a stainless ring on a dedicated halyard to pass the teaser line through. This allows you to position the teaser where you want it and also to pull it down within reach of the cockpit for maintenance or removal.

It is important to use chaff guard to protect the mono loops that hold the ring as the teaser line passing over under pressure can wear through them.

I really like the chaff guard that is a small, firm plastic tube that you cut to size. I also like to use crimp protectors that slide over the crimps and smooth everything over. This not only looks good, but covers the rough edge making them less likely to catch a slack line on a windy day.

I like to use a Hal-Lock pully at the bottom which lets me lock down the position of the halyard so that the pressure of a teaser doesn’t pull the ring back down.

Adding lots of teasers is becoming an art-form itself and is changing the entire approach of many crews.

Capt. Scott Goodwin
Capt. Scott Goodwin started fishing in the lakes of Kentucky where he grew up. A move to Florida, however, brought him into a whole new realm of fishi...