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Okuma Tesoro 10: First Look Inside & Out

Hey Guys,

One of the more interesting introductions at ICAST 2017 was the new Okuma Tesoro Star Drag reel, a classic “3/0” general purpose reel for the Salt offered in two great sizes the narrow “10” and standard width “12”. These are images of the Tesoro 10 mounted on an Okuma PCH Custom Rod.

Okuma Tesoro

Okuma review

The “10” shown here is a perfect 30# reel for live bait, mounted on a jig stick for surface iron or even on a vertical jigging rod for working slow pitch jigs for tuna.

saltwater reel

Okuma has done a tremendous job in recent years responding to the needs of fisherman and has not just offered a “me too” sort of product but has innovated tremendously in every category when a new reel is introduced.

The Tesoro 10 doesn’t fail to deliver.

Taking a look on the inside we see a pure stainless steel construction for strength in the oversize gears (17-4 Stainless) and corrosion resistance.

reel review

The right side plate is beautifully machined, with impressive sealing of the clutch.

Okuma reels

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The frame is similarly cold-forged machined, all spool bearings are open and lubed for max speed with TSI-321 for live bait or jig fishing.

okuma saltwater

Drag stack lubed with Cal’s Universal Grease from the factory.

Okuma Drag

More SS inner components throughout showing the back-up dog and ratchet.

exploded parts

And beneath the main gear and to provide extra support for the pinion is an additional large bearing. Okuma calls this “MSS” for Mechanical Stabilizing System.

The gears are impressively large and housed in a drop down gearbox for cranking power and balance. The Tesoros come in a 6.2:1 gear ratio mated with an extra long handle.

Tesoro 10

The Okuma Tesoro is easy on the eyes!

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So, previously, from Okuma the Cedros 10 and 15 were highly regarded reels for their longevity and ease of use albeit perhaps not as flashy as their competitors; totally solid workhorses.

The Okuma Tesoro ups the ante significantly with all machined frame and side plate, sealing of the clutch, extra support for the pinion, open spool bearings lubed with TSI-321 from the factory, oversize all SS 17-4 gear train and a nice long handle. Ergonomically it is more refined as well with a more comfortable “hand” and swept star etc. All that and a solid 20-pounds of drag.

An all Stainless Steel gear train is never going to be quite as quiet and soft as a brass one, but is without question stronger and more durable. Each guy is gonna have to weigh this for their own needs.

This is going to be a very capable reel for live bait, jig slinging or vertical jigging and I have always been a huge fan of star drags in this niche, below where 2-speed reels come into their own. They are better casters than lever drag reels, easier to use and fish a live bait for my fishing.

A totally worthy addition to the arsenal.

Best,   John Tuttle

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