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Okuma – What’s New For 2020

Okuma Fishing Products 2020Each year the fishing tackle industry gathers in one location (ICAST) to proudly introduce the newest, upcoming product releases for the year.

It’s a very exciting time as we all get sneak peaks at what companies have dreamed up in the new product departments.

Okuma excels in new product development and listening to what anglers need as local and global fisheries evolve and change.  Okuma caters to a huge variety of fisheries all around the world.

Here are 6 new products from Okuma Fishing for 2020

Okuma fishing cavallaCavalla 2-Speed Lever Drag

This year Okuma Fishing is introducing the Cavalla 2-Speed Lever Drag as an all-around reel for your offshore arsenal. The Cavalla 2-Speed Lever Drag reels are a compact bodied machine built to handle the toughest of conditions. This reel is built with 6061-T6 machined aluminum frame and side plates. The rigid 1 piece frame continues around to the non handle side plate. This rigid frame combined with a cold forged, type-II anodized machined aluminum spool give you a sleek and rugged weapon.“Based in Southern California, we have great saltwater fishing right at our front door,” states John Bretza, Product Development Manager. “We developed the Cavalla series of reels to handle the tough elements and conditions and to become a part of every fisherman’s arsenal.”

The Cavalla reels feature a battle proven carbonite drag system with Cal’s drag grease that puts out 24 to 34-pounds of drag at full. The 17.4 grade stainless steel main and pinion gear as well as the CRC: Corrosion Resistance Coating process make this reel virtually corrosion resistant. Add to that 4 corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings and a silent retrieve system for complete smooth operation. The Cavalla 2-speed reels feature a 6.4:1 and 3.8:1 gear ratio on the 5 size reels and a 4.7:1 and 2.1:1 gear ratio on the 12 size. Both the 5 and 12 size reels come in left and right hand retrieve and feature an on/off bait clicker. This reel is compact and comfortable, and features an Ergo Grip handle knob and anodized aluminum handle arm. The Cavalla 2-Speed reels have a retail price of $239.99 to 339.99 and are backed by a 3-year warranty.

Okuma fishing makaira 16

Okuma Fishing Makaira Black Special Edition

Okuma Fishing Makaira lever drag reels are perfect for big game fisheries for billfish, large tuna and sharks. With advanced, unique and numerous patents, Makaira provides compromised excellence within every aspect of its design, construction and performance.

In celebration of 10 years of faithful service to anglers all over the world, Okuma is celebrating with a limited edition matte black Makaira.

  • Makaira reels all feature two-speed gearing systems
  • Cold forged, Type-II anodized, machined aluminum spool
  • CRC: Corrosion Resistant Coating process
  • Patented spool pin system for use with braided or mono lines
  • Carbonite Dual Force drag system featuring Cal’s universal drag grease
  • Custom designed thrust bearing: Alleviates side load on heavy drag settings
  • 4-pcs ABEC-5 precision Sapporo stainless steel ball bearings
  • MK-80WII features 6-pcs of Sapporo ball bearings
  • Double-dog, proprietary silent anti-reverse system
  • Ratcheting drag lever and pre-set knob for precise drag setting
  • Patented T-Bar handle with Easy Roll graphite insert on all models
  • Heavy duty stainless steel ratcheting clicker system
  • Heavy duty, 17-4 grade stainless steel drive and spool shafts
  • Type-II black anodized frame, sideplates
  • Open top frame design on MK-8II,10II, 15II,16II, 20II, and 50II
  • Lug and plug system on all open top reel models
  • Machined thumb rest on rear cross bar for improved ergonomics
  • Forged aluminum full hard anodized reel foot and reel clamp
  • Precision placement of drain holes maximizes water removal from reel
  • Special screw ports around side plate screws reduces water/corrosion buildup

Look for upcoming details on these awesome reels on the Okuma website.Okuma cedros spinning reel

Cedros Spinning Reel

The Okuma Cedros Spinning Reels are making a reappearance with a new lighter, stronger platform for 2020. The new Okuma Fishing Cedros spinning reels feature a rigid and corrosion resistant Magnesium and Aluminum alloy construction. This new construction gives the Cedros reels a light-weight feel and ultra-sturdy platform. The Cedros reels contain Okuma’s DFD: precision Dual Force Drag system putting out over 44-pounds of pure drag. That powerful drag is housed under a machined aluminum w-tone anodized spool with a matte finish to help grip your line.“We are very excited about this new platform for our saltwater reels.,” states John Bretza, Product Development Manager. “This is a very stable system, and incredibly light, coming in close to 3.5 oz lighter than our other salt water reels.”The new Cedros reels are packed with 7 total high-performance corrosion resistant stainless-steel bearings for smooth operation and features a dual anti-reverse. The manual bail trip function eliminates accidental bail closure upon casting. The foam EVA handle knob is very comfortable on the grind and is attached to a machined aluminum, screw-in handle design that can be switched from left to right hand retrieve. The HDGII: high density gearing comes in at 5.4:1 gear ratio picking up between 40.9 and 45.9 inches per turn of the handle depending on size. Currently the Cedros will be available in three sizes, 8,000, 10,000 and 14,000 sizes and start at just 21.5 oz. The new Cedros Spinning Reels have a retail price of $159.99 t0 $179.99 and are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Okuma Kite Flying Rod

PCH Custom Kite Rod

The Okuma Fishing PCH Custom Series Rods have become a staple on many an inshore and offshore boat. This year Okuma introduces the new PCH Custom Kite Rod to the line up. Utilizing the latest in advanced technologies, these kite specific rods are built for the rigors of kite fishing. With the popularity of kite fishing taking off all around our coastal and offshore waters, Okuma has developed the perfect kite fishing rod. Whether you are fishing and electric reel or large conventional style reel on the kite, this rod is designed for you.“With the influx of large bluefin tuna on the West Coast, and the popularity of kite fishing taking off, we designed a rod that addresses the challenges of that fishery,” states John Bretza, Product Development Manager. “We looked at how these hard core fisherman utilize this technique and built this rod around that angler.” The PCH Custom Kite Rod features a carbon butt section which allows you to easily move the rod from one set of rod holders on one side of your boat to another. The rod also features a unique solid stainless steel tip section with an over-sized opening to allow the large, over-sized swivels commonly used while kite fishing to be reeled directly onto the reel. It also features a unique ringed clip so that you can leash your rod to your boat to prevent any accidental loss.  There is one model and it comes in at 2 foot 10” in length. The PCH Custom Kite Rod will have a retail price of $119.99 and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Okuma Rockaway fishing reel

Okuma Fishing Rockaway Surf Reels

Okuma Fishing has been slowly becoming a staple in the long cast spinning surf fishing world. The new Rockaway is the lightest amongst the family of reels. The Rockaway Long Casting Surf Reel is a compact bodied long stroke surf reel that features a lightweight graphite body, rotor and side plates giving you a truly corrosion resistant reel for the harsh surf environment. The long cast 2-tone anodized aluminum spool is built to hold your braided or monofilament lines tight and secure.“The new Rockaway surf reel will compliment the Rockaway surf rods perfectly.” states John Bretza, ProductDevelopment Manager. “These were built with the existing line in mind with the goal of creating the lightest surf casting reel in our lineup.” Coming in at a mere 17-oz, this reel is light. The graphite CFR: Cyclonic Flow Rotor technology sweeps water away from the internal workings of the spool keeping you on the water longer. With 5 total stainless steel ball bearings and a quick-set anti-reverse, you will have no problem battling from the edge of the water. The 5.3:1 gear ratio brings in 40.9”of line per turn of the rigid metal handle. Currently with one model, this 6000 sized reel packs on a whopping 375-yards of 12# monofilament. The Rockaway Surf Spinning Reel has a retail price of $79.99 and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Okuma hawaiian slow pitch rod

Hawaiian Custom Slow Pitch Rods

A totally new style of rod is slowly making its way into the SoCal fishing scene.  Originally from Japan and now popular in Hawaii, the Okuma Fishing Hawaiian custom Slow Pitch rods.  These rods are used there for jigging where a light-weight but super tough outfit is key.  A small niche following of SoCal anglers are using them heavily for yellowtail and bluefin in local waters.  Look for this style to expand in popularity as more fishermen discover the techniques and gear used in this fishery.

Though most of these new introductions have not made it to the Okuma website yet, stay tuned for more information as they debut into the market.

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