OCEARCH & Costa Continue Tagging White Sharks

costa ocearchSharks are the lifeblood of our oceans, and they’re disappearing. If the oceans lose their apex predator, the entire ecosystem could collapse. Costa has been a long-term supporter of OCEARCH, an at-sea lab led by explorers and researchers who generate critical data and put science on the side of sharks.

Costa Has Created the OCEARCH Collection to help fund shark tagging.

The Best Collection is Costa’s tribute to the sharks that help keep our ocean ecosystems balanced. The collection features new frames, colors and gear with designs inspired by sharks. Each purchase helps fund research expeditions aboard OCEARCH and their mission to protect sharks.

shark trackingAnother exciting aspect is that you can track the sharks in real time, just as the scientist do.  Check out this shark tracking site for really cool insight into shark migrations and patterns.

Learn more or support the expeditions HERE.