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Nomad Design Comes Aboard Season 3 Of Local Knowledge

Nomad Design joins Local Knowledge Season 3The Local Knowledge fishing show is kicking off its third season soon and they are excited to announce that NOMAD DEsign Joins Local Knowledge for Season 3.

Nomad Design was started in Australia, born out of the need for the toughest lures on the planet, built to endure the brutal punishment dished out by gigantic, reef-dwelling predators in the remotest regions of the Great Barrier Reef.

Creator Damon Olsen has fished the Reef since 2002 with his Nomad Sportfishing Adventures,  a charter operation offering access to the most remote areas in Australia.   Constantly in search of lures and tackle that could hold up to the brute force required to land giant fish among the coral heads of the GBR, Damon began his quest to find the toughest lures.  Soon he realized that what his clients needed was not on the market, so he set out with borderline obsession, to create the toughest lures on the market, but keep them at an affordable price.  Hence Nomad Design was created and Damon and his team spent years testing prototypes and searching for a manufacturer who could produce lures to their strict specifications.

Nomad DesignThe first 4 lure models – the Madscad, Riptide, Chug Norris and the Maverick, all went through a 3 year design and testing process. This process led to the development of Nomad’s Matrix Metal plate and Gorilla through-wire designs, which give ultimate strength to the lures. The use of the strongest HD ABS plastic for the bodies, and the foam filling process was also implemented. The DTX Minnow, with it’s Patent Pending Autotune Bib System, was another unique and innovative design many years in the works, with the final product proving that a bluewater trolling minnow that always swims straight, deep and true could be made cost effectively.

Nomad Design officially kicked off in Australia in 2016, but has quickly grown to nine additional countries.  With focus on a fully international client base, Nomad Design is continually expanding their lure range to encompass lures for a wide variety of fisheries, while staying true to their commitment to innovation and durability.

The Nomad Design Logo guarantees that the product has been tested to withstand the toughest fishing conditions on earth. It guarantees years of testing and on water experience applied to every product with the sole purpose of making your fishing experience more fun, and more rewarding.

Nomad Design
Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge on the Great Barrier Reef

Look for more innovation from Nomad Design as they join the Local Knowledge team this year.