New Okuma Lever Drags & Fred Hall Special Deals

Okuma products continually evolve to include the latest cutting edge technology used to create long-lasting, fish fighting rods and reels.  Two new lever drag reels hitting the market are the Cavalla 2-Speed and the Alios 2-Speed.  Both of these new designs feature premium components and design to allow years of great fishing service in a variety of fisheries.

Cavalla 2-Speed Reel

The Cavalla 2-Speed Lever Drag reels are a compact bodied machine built to handle the toughest of conditions. This reel is built with 6061-T6 machined aluminum frame and side plates. The rigid 1-piece frame continues around to the non-handle side plate. This rigid frame combined with a cold-forged, type-II anodized machined aluminum spool creates an incredibly sturdy reel ready to tackle any big fish in its size class.

The Cavalla reels feature a battle-proven carbonite drag system with Cal’s drag grease that puts out 24 to 34 pounds of drag at full. The 17.4-grade stainless steel main and pinion gear as well as the CRC: Corrosion Resistance Coating process make this reel virtually corrosion resistant. Add to that 4 corrosion-resistant stainless steel bearings and a silent retrieve system for completely smooth operation. The Cavalla 2-speed reels feature a 6.4:1 and 3.8:1 gear ratio on the 5 size reels and a 4.7:1 and 2.1:1 gear ratio on the 12 size. Both the 5 and 12 size reels come in left and right hand retrieve and feature an on/off bait clicker. This reel is compact, comfortable, and feature an Ergo Grip handle knob at the end of the anodized aluminum handle arm which is the perfect length for maximum leverage.  MSRP$239.99 – $339.99

Alijos 2-Speed Lever Drag

The Alijos 2-Speed Lever Drag is a lightweight, compact bodied, big fish stopping machine.  Built with 6061-T6 machined aluminum for the ultimate in strength.  The 1-piece frame continues around to the non-handle side, side plate which has a magnetic cast control for precision spool control. The spool bearings are bathed in TSI oil giving it the ultimate in castability and frees spool. The Alijos reels feature a longer 90mm handle harm and oversized T-bar handle knob for great torque and comfort.  The clicker mechanism has been reworked to give a louder clicking sound for trolling or dead stick applications.  The new 2-speed shifting mechanism has been completely reworked by Okuma giving it the ultimate in shifting.  The DFD: Dual Force Drag puts out tremendous drag pressure with its 100% larger drag plates.

The Alijos Lever Drag Reels will be available in 6 different variations and sizes.  There will be a 5 narrow, 5 standard, 12 narrow high speed, 12 standard, 12 high speed and a 16 standard.  All of the high-speed reels will feature a 6.4:1 gear ratio with the standard putting out 4.7:1 on the 12 and 4.3:1 on the 16. All Alijos reels are constructed with 17-4 Stainless steel spur cut gears for all-day smoothness.  MSRP$239.99

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