New FishDope Map Interface For 2018

There are many resources with today’s technology to help saltwater anglers find and catch more fish, from satellite-based water temperature and color charts to weather forecasts and fishing reports. Many sites offer one or two of these tools, but only FishDope combines all these tools into a single, easy-to-use resource. With the new FishDope map interface version 4.0, planning your next offshore fishing trip is now faster and easier than ever.

FishDope 4.0

  • Daily Updated Fish Reports w/ GPS #’s
  • Hot Bite Reports: What, Where & How
  • Cutting-edge Sea Surface Temperature & Chlorophyll Maps
  • Spotter Plane Reports during the Offshore Season
  • New Apps for Android & iOS COMING SOON!

    What’s New!

  • New Mapping Interface with Upgraded technology
  • Thumbnail Previews for SST and CHL Layers
  • Larger Mapping area w/ Higher Definition Seafloor Maps
  • Now Mobile Compatible

FishDope helps anglers see exactly how offshore pelagic species like tuna, yellowtail, and dorado move around with water conditions to predict where they will be – not yesterday, but tomorrow. This helps our members get on the fish first instead of following the crowds chasing old reports.

New FishDope Map Interface with Spotter Plane ReportsDaily Fishing Reports with GPS Coordinates

The daily Southern California fishing reports and charts cover the entire Southern California Bight and Northern Baja coast, from Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands to Catalina, San Diego, San Quintin and everywhere in between. Whether you are chasing big bluefin offshore or yellowtail and white seabass on the island squid grounds, FishDope keeps you in the loop with the latest info and bite trends, including GPS coordinates for offshore bites and popular fishing spots along the coast and islands.

FishDopeFishDopeNew Fishdope Map Interface

The new FishDope map interface is built with the latest technology to be compatible with all popular mobile devices and tablets. The new maps load fast and big, maximizing your device screen’s viewable area. Turn map layers on and off with ease and then collapse the menu to see even more map area with less clutter. New thumbnail previews make it easier than ever to select the latest temperature and chlorophyll charts with the best coverage, so you can see exactly how the hot bite locations move along temperature and color breaks.

For $169 a year – or less than a tank of fuel for most private boats in Southern California – you gain access to the most accurate and up-to-date Southern California fishing reports available anywhere. No matter where the fish are, our integrated SST, Chlorophyll, and Hot Bite charts combined with daily written reports and even a live VHF radio stream will keep you on the fish, every day of the year.

Remember, here at FishDope we have one purpose: to help you “catch more fish, burn less fuel!”

Check out FishDope and start catching more fish.