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Navionics Revolutionizes Nautical Chart Accuracy

Navionics has come a long way improving the accuracy of nautical charts. Now they have enlisted the end-users to be a part of improving the scope of sonar charts. The data from your own fishing or cruising trips can easily be incorporated into the continual updates put out by Navionics.

With SonarCharts™, Navionics became the first company in the world to introduce crowd-sourcing to cartography.

While the SonarCharts™ layer is made up of data from multiple sources, its evolution over time, incorporating new sonar logs from the boating and fishing community, is revolutionizing cartography.

It’s simple and convenient for anyone to record sonar logs and upload them to A few hours on the water can make a huge difference. A small lake may not be charted at all, or backwater river channels and remote bays may lack detail. With real time crowd-sourced data, Navionics can provide new and updated charts for virtually any area, making updated SonarCharts available for download to eligible Navionics cards. SonarCharts™ is an exceptional value for boaters, because the cartography they own actually improves over time!

Here is a sample of a standard chart before user data is applied:

Here is a sample chart after user data is applied:

SonarCharts™, which can be viewed online with Navionics WebApp, is included with Freshest Data for Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum, Navionics+ and Navionics Updates. A Freshest Data subscription provides free updates to the Nautical Charts, SonarCharts™ and Community Edits for 12 months, if activated within two months of product purchase.

Watch their YouTube video to learn more!

Navionics Revolutionizes Nautical Chart Accuracy