Navionics Introduces SonarChart Shading

Embedded in the satellite overlay layer, SonarChart™ Shading provides a detailed rendering of the seafloor, created from the high-definition 1ft/0.5m contour data within SonarChart.

SonarChart Shading, created from the high-definition contour data within SonarChart, presents a detailed rendering of the seafloor and lake bottoms in varying shades of blue. As coverage areas are released, customers who own a Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum chart with an active subscription will be able to download the combined satellite overlay and SonarChart™ Shading layer for their region via the Chart InstallerSonarChart Shading Availability 

Now available for download via the Navionics Chart Viewer on Platinum and HotMaps Platinum charts. Get it now.