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Mustad’s Impact Spring Elite Jig Head – Sneak Peek

impact spring

Mustad introduced a new jig head this year that will revolutionize the durability of your soft plastic baits.  The Mustad Impact Spring Jig Head is soon to be released in the Elite Jig Head Series line-up.

What makes these jig heads work so well is the spring keeper molded into the back of the head and around the shank of an Ultra-Point 30-degree jig hook that features Mustad’s 4.3 Micro Point Technology.  This means Mustad takes their custom high carbon steel alloy wire and puts it through their unique three-stage Optics’s-angle process that ensures 4.3 Micro Points stay sharp longer, even when bouncing off structure and catching lots of fish.  Each Elite Jig Head hook is then Nor-Tempered for up to 30% more strength than standard wire hooks, for more confidence when battling a fish of a lifetime, a tournament winner or your dinner.

Mustad jig headDeveloped for inshore fishing with swimbaits and jerkbaits.

Mustad Impact Spring Jig Head

  •  Shank wrapped spring keeper for superior hold
  •  Holographic eyes
  •  Chartreuse, White, Plain, Red
  •  1/16oz, 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz
  •  Retail $4.59

Capt. Scott Goodwin explains, “The soft plastic body of your choice screws onto the spring, which locks it in place and eliminates the jerking down of the body when you get a bite or set the hook.  This makes your soft plastics last much longer and eliminates the body being pulled down after a missed bite or hook set.  Traditional jig heads can let the body slide down onto the hook bend making a spinning mess that rarely gets a second bite.  It might take a few seconds longer to screw the body on, but it saves a ton of time spent changing bodies that get “loose” and continually slide down. It has revolutionized jig fishing for me.  I have some samples that I’m using now, but I really look forward to seeing them on store shelves in late November or early December.  They will be a game changer for you, I promise.”

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