Fishing Clothes

Move Swiftly To The Fish With OluKai Ulele Sandals

The lucky ones live in climates where sandals are a formal step up from bare feet or the only layer needed between sand, reef, launch ramp or the deck of a fishing boat.

OluKai makes sandals with both the style and strength to handle any environment, whether a night out or a day on the water. The new Ulele sandal from OluKai has a distinctive look and is designed specifically to hold up to the demands of fishing.

Ulele means ‘move swiftly’ in Hawaiian and OluKai backs that up with outstanding performance in the slick situations found anywhere where water comes into play.

Fittingly enough for a sandal with island roots branching back to drugstore rubber slippers, everything about the Ulelea is based on a life in, on and near the water.

The Ulele features a non-marking Wet Grip Rubber outsole that incorporates kapa-art lug design and razor siping for added traction. Siping is the process of cutting thin slits into rubber, a technique invented for tires that both increase grip on wet surfaces and cools the rubber at the same time.

Comfort and support is everything when it comes to a sandal, especially on the deck of a sportfisher when you are on your feet most of the day.

OluKai sandals are known for taking care of your feet with a soft-feel combined with arch support. The Ulele brings together a lightweight compression-molded EVA midsole with a smooth drop-in ICEVA footbed to provide an anatomical fit for sustained comfort.

Quick-drying, laser-cut synthetic straps with a water-resistant microfiber lining and a strong but comfortable nylon toe post keep your feet firmly in the Ulele sandal even in the roughest side to side rocking swell conditions.

It’s amazing that a sandal that looks as good as the OluKai Ulele can stand up to all the twists and turns and side tensions the footwear of a waterman faces. The Ulele gives you the confidence of a sneaker in a sandal. And a style that looks great anywhere your feet take you.

OluKai’s Ulele comes in four color schemes – slate blue, clay, dark shadow and stone and is priced at $75. Check them out for yourself at the OluKai website.