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Montauk Fishing Gear | Jigging Reels and Spinning Reels

Just about every year it seems a new player shows up on the scene in the tackle world. The latest company to make a splash, Montauk Fishing Gear, offers a line of high-speed conventional jigging reels and a series of spinning reels.

Montauk Fishing GearFounded by fishermen, Montauk Fishing Tackle is now in the process of building a tight dealer network to get its products out to the public.

The company takes its name from Montauk, New York, the legendary fishing town at the point of Long Island. But the founders travel all around to conduct their research, putting their gear to the test in Southern California, Mexico, the Bahamas and beyond.

“After countless discussions with reel repair centers, fishing gear designers as well as countless fisherman of sport and commercial applications from around the world, the designs we have come up with fit the new standards of high-tech fishing reels — lightweight, strong, comfortable and power packed for their size,” the company states.

The MFG ZR80 line of one- and two-speed jigging reels give you a fast retrieve for working iron and are extremely compact, light in weight and packed with power. The reels are perfect for all inshore applications. The size 15 and 18 are designed and manufactured tough enough to jig up large fish with 22 pounds of drag. They weigh just 14 ounces yet feature six ball bearings and can hold 400 yards of 40-pound braid. The open face of the reel makes them easy to cast and the lever drag offers a preset function. The carbon-fiber drag and power-grip handle will help you put the heat to any fish.

The biggest reel Montauk Fishing Gear makes, the BTR801-15W 2-Speed Offshore Trolling Reel features a beefed-up drag with added bearings to smooth out and distribute the load. The reel is machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum and puts out 55 pounds of drag.
 The high-speed gear has a ratio of 3.9:1 while the low gear is 1.7:1. The reel can hold 500 yards of 30-pound mono or 700 yards of 40-pound braid.

The company also released a line of spinning reels new for 2012, the Cerebus and the Cartwright. The Cerebus has an 11-plus-one bearing system for super-smooth performance and the drag features an adjustable click system so you don’t over do it or go too light. The Cartwright, which comes in five sizes, retails for $49-$59 and features a composite carbon body, brass main gear, oversized bail and cold-forged aluminum spool.

Montauk Fishing Gear is determined to stick around and offer more products in the future.

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