Melton Tackle

About Melton Tackle International

Melton International Tackle was founded in 1993 by Tracy Melton, starting out as just a college entrepreneur class project. Tracy developed a variety of jet head style trolling lures, now known as Melton Jets, as the focus of his project. Realizing that his fictitious business was more than just a good grade, Tracy Melton put together a 12 page catalog, sending it to 10,000 anglers throughout the United States. In this catalog, customers could view a range of limited, custom trolling lures, along with a small selection of high end tackle.

In November of 1997, Melton International Tackle became more than just a catalog by adding a location in Anaheim, CA, allowing them to adequately showcase the world’s finest big game fishing tackle. Melton Tackle prides themselves on offering their customers the very best in customer service and product selection. As many customers have reviewed, the staff is knowledgeable on local fishing and willing to help the customers until their fishing needs are met. The Melton Tackle staff will overlook any angler’s gear before a fishing trip and assist in any questions you may have. As one satisfied customer reviewed, “From rigging the best yummy for 200lb+ Bluefin tuna to selecting the right jig for island yellowtail, these guys will get you dialed the right way.” If you’re seeking some fishing guidance, wanting reels respooled, or interested in any of the 25,000 products Melton Tackle has to offer, visit the retail store or check out them out online.