BD’er Films Megamouth Shark Off San Diego

I honor of Shark Week, here’s a throwback to last year’s crazy shark sighting.

BDOutdoors member Ryan Brandeburg ran into a strange shark while fishing 24 miles off San Diego.  They’ve determined later that they had a fly by experience with the rare megamouth shark.  The megamouth shark stuck to the side of his boat and was very docile. This happened on October 23, 2019, and megamouth sharks are very seldom seen by anyone as they spend most of their time in the deep.

megamouth shark
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Check out the original thread where he posted it at… BD members figured out it was a megamouth shark pretty quick after comparing the shark caught on camera to a megalodon, basking shark and other animals.

megamouth shark

Megamouth Description

  • Length up to 18 ft
  • Blackish brown on back and sides, creamy underside; large head and huge distending mouth; large fleshy tail; white-tipped pectoral fins
  • Food: Eats mostly pelagic crustaceans, some jellyfishes
  • Habitat: Presumed vertically migratory from about 40 to 80 ft at night and 400 to 640 ft during the day; extremely rare; discovered off O‘ahu in 1976.

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