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McKinsey Gruhler – BD Fishing Chick

BD would like to introduce McKinsey Gruhler, our next BD Fishing Chick.  

McKinsey Gruhler

McKinsey Gruhler

BD:Where do you live?

McKinsey Gruhler:I live in Port Saint John, Florida and have lived in the Cocoa area my entire life, minus a year or two!

McKinsey Gruhler

BD:What is your occupation?

McKinsey Gruhler:I work in the field of Professional Equestrian Care.

McKinsey Gruhler

BD:What are your other hobbies?

McKinsey Gruhler:Fishing takes up almost all of my free time, but surfing, diving; basically, anything to do with the water.  I like spearfishing, but it’s rare that I can get out for that.

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BD:Who or what got you into fishing?

McKinsey Gruhler:My grandpa and my dad mainly, I’ve had many fishing influences in my life like my uncle David. I did lots of fishing in the little lake we had in our neighborhood growing up.

McKinsey Gruhler

BD:How long have you been fishing?

McKinsey Gruhler:Oh man, my entire life I suppose, since before I can remember.

McKinsey Gruhler

BD:What types of fishing have you done and where?

McKinsey Gruhler:I’ve fished both salt and fresh water, from South Carolina down to the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

McKinsey Gruhler

BD:What is your favorite kind of fishing so far?

McKinsey Gruhler:Oh, salt water of course, mainly inshore fishing. I haven’t been able to do much offshore fishing yet.  I have been hanging out on the beach a lot lately watching pompano being caught by good friends of mine! That’s exciting!

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BD:What are some future goals or plans pertaining to fishing?

McKinsey Gruhler:I would like to continue to increase my knowledge about fishing and make more incredible memories. I want to meet more people that are passionate about it.

McKinsey Gruhler

BD:What part of fishing do you like the most?

McKinsey Gruhler:The part where you catch them! But no really, I love the anticipation of sneaking up on a fish and making my cast, followed by a hook up.  Nothing is better than that.


BD:List some of your proudest moments in fishing.

McKinsey Gruhler:Proudest moments hmm.  I mainly fish for my own personal pleasure, so the memories of the biggest of each targeted species stands out.

McKinsey Gruhler

BD:What other “aspects of you” would you like to portray if any?

McKinsey Gruhler:Fishing is just one part of my outdoor life. I really enjoy anything that has to do with the water and being outside. I work outside as well, it’s just where I find my center.

I’m really a mermaid, but shhhh; it’s a secret.

BD thanks McKinsey for sharing her story and I’m sure we will see more of you in the world of fishing.

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