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Hawks Cay Event – Simrad and Lowrance 2016

1Simrad, Lowrance and B&G Event at Hawks Cay Marina

Recently we had the privilege of visiting the Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys for the return of the Navico Press Event.  Navico is the parent company for Simrad, Lowrance and B&G.  Each brand shares cutting edge technology and targets a specific user’s needs.

2The Line Up

A variety of charter and demo boats were gathered in the Hawks Cay marina to give test runs and let us see and used the latest marine electronics offerings from these leading brands.

3Marc Jourlait

We got to hear from the incoming CEO of Navico, Marc Jourlait, and he shared his background and vision for the future of the industry and the company.


The evenings were filled with great food and conversation about the day’s experiences with the latest marine electronics.  The pig roast is dramatically delicious and the pictures always get a squeal from the kids back home.

5Please Pass the Butter

The huge pile of stone crab claws is always a hit.  This year the pile was bigger than ever and everyone enjoyed this bounty of the sea.

6Test Run

The ability to see and play with the newest technologies really gives you an appreciation for the modern advances in marine electronics as well as the great achievements in making them simple and intuitive to use.

7Simrad’s Halo Radar

Last year we had a sneak peak at the upcoming Halo radar and we were impressed.  Now Halo has enjoyed a year’s worth of innovation awards and many happy users.  I still think the ability to see detail in close, coupled with long distance abilities makes this solid state radar the answer.

8Two Radars in One

The Halo radar is able to operate like two radars in one.  You can choose one mode like Harbor mode on one side of the screen, while scanning the distance in Offshore mode.  For me, the ability to track bird flocks in close is a game changer. Normally they are lost inside the clutter of the center rings.

9SeaVeeZ on Hand

SeaVee had their new 37 SeaVeeZ here loaded up with a Simrad Glass Bridge setup.  We saw several great innovations in the latest Simrad multi-function units.

10Check This Out

Simrad has designed upcoming software that takes simple engine data and translates that into their TripIntel screen.  You will be able to display all pertinent travel data and it generates a circle on the plotter that calculates your real-time fuel range at your current speed and fuel burn.  How awesome will that be for traveling or fishing way offshore.

11Simrad’s TripIntel

All screens will be fully customizable to display the information that it important for you.  The TripIntel screen monitors your fuel tank levels and your current fuel burn to make range predictions based on your boat’s real-time data.  It is easy to hook into the system and feed the TripIntel the data it needs.

12Mercury Vessel View

Simrad is working with Mercury Outboards to incorporate the engine data into a clean and customizable gauge package on the Simrad screen.  You don’t even have to have physical gauges cut into your dash saving room and money.

13Mercury Vessellink

Simrad’s partnership with Mercury allows anglers a wide variety of options when displaying or scrolling through engine data.  You can also pick the look of your digital gauges and how it is laid out.

14Glass Bridge Displays

What a great time to be rigging a new boat or re-vamping your current ride.  The clean installation of the Simrad’s Glass Bridge units offer the modern look and function normally found on big sportfish boats and yachts.

15The Future of Boating

Simrad is also proud to announce their upcoming Naviop feature which will integrate your boat’s other systems into your electronics package, giving you the ability to monitor and control many boat systems from your Simrad screens.

16Lowrance Advances

We also rode a variety of bay and flats boats that were running the latest Lowrance units like the HDS Gen 3 units with Lowrance’s amazing new Structure Scan 3D feature.  This visual translation of Lowrance’s already hi-tech sounder capability is awesome.  It is a software update for HDS Gen 3 only.

17Structure Scan 3D

The Structure Scan creates a 3D picture of the bottom, structures and  the water column around and under your boat. The picture of fish and bait are suspended in the water column in real time to let you know exactly where to focus your attack.  You can drag your finger on the touch screen to change the angle of the view to maximize your orientation and perception. It really is amazing and works with the HDS Gen 3 units.

18Hobie Electronics

One really cool experience at the event was getting to fish in Hobie’s Mirage fishing kayak rigged with a Lowrance Elite Ti touchscreen fish finder and chart plotter.  The Elite Ti series offers hi-end performance and features in a very affordable and user friendly package.

19Built In Transducer Pocket

The Hobie Mirage features a recessed transducer pocket that is designed to seamlessly house the Lowrance transducer.  Even the cable run to the unit is well thought out and custom as is the battery storage and cabling.

20RAM Mounts

The Lowrance unit mounts simply on a RAM mount for ease of use and removal.  The unit fished well and was easy to figure out the functions in a short period of time.

21Go Free and Insight Genesis

More technological advancements in these modern units are the Go Free and Insight Genesis features.  As we fished around Hawk’s Cay, the sounder and gps were uploading sounder data to improve the chart accuracy for depth and contours.  Follow the links to learn more.

22Dream Build

So I believe there has never been a better time to be rigging a boat with the latest advancements from Simrad and Lowrance.  B&G is also improving their technology and maintaining their longstanding position at the top of the sailing world.