Marine Electronics Comparison – Multi Beam & Side Scan

Marine Electronics Comparison – Multi Beam & Side Scan

Furuno finishes up their Multi-Beam and Side-Scanning Sonar testing in this episode.
They move into a depth of 20-feet of water to see how each system performs in shallow water. This is traditionally were high-frequency systems are capable of painting high detail pictures. However, we think you will be impressed by how well the DFF3D performs even in this shallow water.
Compare side-by-side Furuno’s DFF3D that is connected to TZtouch3 with the competitor’s Side-Scan Sonar. They show you what a wreck looks like and the fish targets that are swimming around the wreck. Furuno also compares the different modes, like 3D History, Side Scan, Cross Section, and Triple Beam Sounder.
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