West Coast Marine Rigs Parkers Right

Parker boatsKevin Kelly of West Coast Marine molds factory Parker boats into dreamboat, West Coast fishing machines, perfect for chasing giant bluefin tuna and tanker seabass.

Parker Boats and their signature Yamaha outboards are a frequent sight at launch ramps along the West Coast. While they all look great, the best of the bunch has been molded to function optimally in the unique fisheries offered along our stretch of the Southern California coastline.

Kevin Kelly, owner of West Coast Marine in Costa Mesa, specializes in designing the Parker of your dreams. His years of fabricating and rigging experience show in every Parker he turns over to his customers.

“I always order the highest horsepower Yamaha available on all my Parkers,” says Kelly. “We’re talking about a full bait tank, a full gas tank and at least 2 to 3 fishermen. I don’t want someone walking around the custom bait tank on the deck wishing for a bigger motor.”

custom boat railing

West Coast Marine offers Parkers in sizes anywhere from 28 feet to the 18-footer.

“Our bread and butter is the 2320, the 23-foot pilothouse boat,” notes Kelly. “There are quite a few out there that we have done. They are all modified to be more in tune with the way we have been fishing out here recently – chasing the big bluefin and white seabass.”

Kelly offers a full custom electronics package with every Parker he sells, and even those packages can be configured to meet the needs and desires of his customers. The package includes a multi-function display screen, radar, fishfinder, VHF radio, and antenna.

“Furuno, Simrad or Garmin – we can do them all. What matters most is providing the unit the customer is most comfortable using,” Kelly adds. “That will include a 9-inch or 12-inch screen and a 1000-watt transducer.

“The 2520 and 2820 can easily accommodate a 12-inch screen, but we can just squeeze in a 16-inch display if you want. On both of those, you have plenty of room for a split-screen display. You can also add additional display screens to the system,” Kelly notes.

Long offshore runs to the banks and the islands are a reality of Southern California fishing and West Coast Marine’s modifications build in both better performance and safety.

“One thing we offer on all our Parkers is to create a dedicated house bank of deep cycle marine grade sealed batteries, independent of the engine batteries, to run the electronics,” Kelly explains. “That’s for safety and convenience.”

System redundancy is also built into the custom bait tank installations on West Coast Marine Parkers.

west coast bait tank“We mount a freestanding bait tank on the deck. On the pilot houses that’s typically a 48-gallon up to 85-gallon Blue Water Bait Systems or Pacific Edge tank, depending on what the customer wants,” says Kelly. “Everything we do is dependent on the size of the boat and what the customer wants.”

The tanks come with lids that can be used as cutting boards and rod holders attached to the tank that can be used for bait nets and gaffs. The bait system includes a strainer on the pump intake that keeps out eelgrass and other contaminants.

“Parker does have a tank mounted in the port corner, and it’s okay for hearty fish like mini macs or squid,” said Kelly. “We keep that intact plumbing-wise, but we do key into the plumbing and tap it into our big tank. So, you can turn a couple of valves and use the factory tank as an auxiliary pump.

“It’s important to have a standby system – you don’t want to be 60 miles offshore and have your bait roll!”

West Coast Marine also equips its Parkers with rod holders/rocket launchers, most often a 15- to 20-rod capacity rocket launcher featuring two staggered rows of tulip-shaped rod holders so that reels will fit.

The hardtop on Parker’s pilothouse models is strong enough to hold everything from a simple stainless belly ring observation post or a full-blown tower that can be equipped with a fiberglass dash, throttle control, hydraulic helm pump with steering wheel – you get the picture.

“The full tower is quite a bit more expensive, from $17- to $20-thousand depending on the package,” says Kelly. “We mount the VHF antennas as high as we can, that means on the top of the tower if that’s what you opt for.”

Custom seating and storage configurations for you Parker are also available from West Coast Marine, and Kelly will be glad to tell you of the past modifications he has made.

Ending it up with the front of the boat, the factory bow rail from Parker comes in two choices – regular and West Coast. “The West Coast rail is 8 to 10 inches higher and we have even added another 8 to 10 inches to that, resulting in a railing that gives you the confidence to run up to the bow and cast a bait to a foamer or follow a big seabass around the boat at night.”

Confidence in your rig – that’s what it’s all about.

Check out West Coast Marine to layout your SoCal Dreamboat.

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