Suzuki Introduces New High-Performance Fresh & Saltwater Outboards

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Suzuki DF300B – “B” Stands for Big and Badass

Looking for all the power and performance you can squeeze out of your offshore dream machine? Search no more. Suzuki Marine has the perfect answer for hard-charging saltwater anglers with boats rated for a maximum of 300hp or for 600hp in a dual array – the Suzuki DF300B, the world’s first 300hp V6 4-stroke with contra-rotating propellers.

It seems simple, really: two 3-bladed props on one lower unit provide the unique thrust that used to be available only with a pair of counter-rotating motors. Key benefits of Suzuki’s exclusive prop design include improved speed, thrust, handling, and the superior efficiency delivered by six blades vs. only three.

Suzuki outboardsThe DF300B’s contra-rotating prop system, which has already been proven on its 350hp predecessor, provides superior “grip” at the prop blades when it’s time to hit the throttle. The result is an excellent hole shot and amazing acceleration.

The exceptional performance of contra-rotating props is most evident when pushing large, heavy, fully-loaded boats packed with eager anglers, tackle, ice and a tankful of bait. In addition, Suzuki’s two-stage gear reduction (2.29:1) contributes plenty of low-end torque without sacrificing top-end performance.

Add compact size and lightweight – 727 pounds for the 25-inch shaft, 747 pounds for 30-inch – and you get a motor that is also much easier to handle.

With the engine’s power distributed over six blades rather than three, Suzuki is able to reduce the size of the gears and create a sleek, hydrodynamic lower unit that slices through the water with minimum drag.

While the increased blade surface area and contra-rotating action deliver exceptional acceleration, there is another bonus to the sleekly-engineered DF300B – incredible reverse thrust.

This quick burst of power is especially useful in tight situations such as docking and other close-quarter maneuvers like passing a scoop of squid to one of your partner boats.

All this power and grace comes with a fuel-efficient design that’s perfectly happy with 87-octane fuel – a major benefit.  The DF300B’s 4.4-liter V6 maximizes combustion efficiency with a 10.5:1 compression ratio and dual fuel injectors in each cylinder.

Using a pair of compact injectors ensures a more precise fuel mix in each combustion chamber, improving atomization and avoiding off-center combustion, a common cause of engine knock. Injecting 100% of the fuel into the cylinder at exactly the right moment also keeps the fuel cooler, providing up to 3% additional power.

A dual-louver, direct air intake system on the DF300B helps the engine breathe freely for optimum performance, separating out water, spray, and moisture for improved reliability. This unique intake system provides cooler, denser air for more consistent and powerful combustion.

Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire throttle and shift controls offer easy integration, making the DF300B perfect for vessels with second stations. Other advanced features include Suzuki’s Easy Start, Troll Mode and compatibility with Multi-Function Display Screens.

Fuel efficiency, reliability, excellent acceleration under heavy loads and in rough seas, ease of handling, quick connection to modern electronics, and much more make Suzuki’s new DF300B the powerhouse of choice for big center consoles and sport cabin sportfishers.

It’s no wonder why Suzuki has won more NMMA Innovation Awards than any other outboard manufacturer.

Suzuki DF200RSS AND DF150RSS — Latest RSS Motors Build on Legacy of Pro Performance

The ultimate proving ground for high-performance outboards in the 150- to 250-horsepower range has always been the professional bass circuit. Speed, reliability and – perhaps most of all – a best-in-class hole shot have long been the benchmarks of performance, and Suzuki’s new-for-2020 DF200RSS and DF150RSS were engineered to excel across the board.

When Suzuki Marine set out to design the highest-performing motor to hang on the back of a tournament bass boat, they chose to focus on a 250hp model — since 250 is the maximum allowed in the top-level Bassmaster Elite Series and Bass Pro Tour Major League Fishing events.

The Suzuki V6 4-stroke DF250SS is a proven success, catapulting Lake Havasu’s Dean Rojas to Champion of Major League Fishing’s tournament last May on Lewis Smith Lake in Alabama. In the meantime, Suzuki’s engineers were hard at work transferring the bigger motor’s latest technical innovations to the 2020 DF200RSS and DF150RSS outboards.

The DF200RSS and DF150RSS are both inline 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve motors designed to power lightweight, high-performance fishing boats. Besides bass boats, the category includes bay boats and other styles of inshore and offshore skiffs.

Suzuki wins more NMMA Innovation Awards than any other outboard manufacturer because they have the best engineers.  The key changes that the new 200hp and 150hp outboards borrow from their V6 big brother are found in the lower unit and the crankcase, as each motor now features a robust new lower unit design and a sleek gear case with a powerful gear reduction of 2.0:1. Suzuki’s previous outboards in this class were already famous for getting out of the hole fast – now the hole shot has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Each new Suzuki gets the boat rapidly up on plane, and the acceleration continues as the new lower unit transfers more of the engine’s power to a new Watergrip Sport propeller for outstanding performance across the powerband, as well as eye-watering top-end speed.

The new 2020 150hp and 200hp models share Suzuki’s Big Block 175 cubic inch powerhead, with dual overhead cams, 16 valves, and a 10.2:1 compression ratio for superior throttle response. Suzuki’s Multi-Stage Sequential Fuel Injection and Variable Valve Timing (on the 200) also help the dynamic new outboards deliver torque, quick acceleration, and fuel efficiency.

The sleek cowling on the DF200RSS and DF150RSS has a modern, upswept design that looks great on any type of boat and is a perfect complement to the Matte Black color scheme. This design, however, is as much about performance as it is good looks.

Incorporated into the cowling is a semi-direct air intake system that delivers cooler air directly into the engine’s tuned, multi-stage induction module. When an engine is able to breathe cooler air, it operates with greater efficiency and delivers stronger acceleration and higher top-end speed.

This unique cover design also features one-way air ports that allow the rotating flywheel to push warm air from underneath the cowling, reducing the temperature inside the engine.

Inside and out, from top to bottom, the new-and-improved DF200RSS and DF150RSS models are engineered to deliver more of what boaters and fishermen want in a performance outboard.

All you have to do is hold on tight and catch the fish when you get there FAST.

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