Local Knowledge Season 5

offshore fishing showIt was about five years ago when our team originally decided we wanted to try our hand in the world of fishing shows. Starting out, we knew we wanted to do something different and unique. After all, the old TV formula of “grab and grin” had gotten old and hard to watch.  That is how Local Knowledge began.

fishing showWe wanted to make a show that was genuine and shared the passion and sense of adventure that has driven Rush and me since we were kids. We wanted to tell stories about the people, the places and the lifestyle that make our sport great. We wanted to make sure that anyone would have access to our content, anytime and anywhere. We wanted to bring a level of production quality and visuals that had never been seen in outdoor programming.

Most of all, we wanted to make a show that we would watch and be proud of.

Looking back on four seasons and forty-eight episodes, it’s hard not to be stoked. We have been blessed to travel the world, experience amazing fisheries and spend time with some amazing people. Best of all, we’ve been able to capture these adventures to share with our audience, family and friends.

harpoon swordfish

After four seasons of fishing and filming together, Rush and I still have a lot to learn about each other’s hometown waters and the fishing that each location offers. For me, there’s still a lot to learn about the fish and the waters of South Florida and I can’t wait for that next Keys trip. With the fishing we have experienced in the SoCal bight for the last five years, Rush has been lucky to experience some of the best fishing the West Coast has had to offer for the last 100 years and possibly ever.

We have also been lucky to travel outside our own areas and explore fisheries that have been totally unfamiliar to us, all the while checking off “bucket list” fish at an amazing pace. We both love nothing more than getting to fish in a new location while learning from some of the best captains and anglers in that region.

Who could forget the insane grouper fishing we found in the tiny town of Abreojos, Baja in Season One? Or the near 500# Swordfish we landed after a 6-plus hour battle in the Florida Keys that same year!florida keys swordfish

Season 2 brought Rutchy his first bluefin tuna ever, and a trophy model to boot. A trip to Puerto Vallarta produced a pair of giant yellowfin tuna, one of which brought Rush to his knees and almost killed him in the process.

Season 3 took me to Australia for the trip of a lifetime (and a near-death experience) with the Nomad crew while Rush and boys stayed home to hold down the fort after Hurricane Irma smashed directly into their home island. Later that season we were all able to re-connect in the North East with Tyler and his crew aboard the Cynthia C and harpoon some true Atlantic giants.

Season 4 kept the parade going with a fall trip to the magical Mag Bay for all-you-can-catch striped marlin with some wahoo and groupers mixed in. We visited our friends at Gatecrasher Sportfishing and chased dinosaur-like sturgeon. Then we caught up with our old friends, Crackerjack Sportfishing, in Seward, Alaska for a ripper bite on the big halibut and lingcod the area is known for.striped marlin

There are many parts of these trips that never make the show, but we will never forget, well beyond the long days and rough weather. Things like “cheating certain death” while being run off the road by a sleepy trucker somewhere between LA Bay and Guerrero Negro while towing a 32’ center console in Season One comes to mind. All the travel, the delays, being hassled by foreign customs, seasick cameramen, the food poisoning and on and on. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right?

All of these catches, misses and near-death experiences have added up to a ride that our entire crew wouldn’t trade for anything. This only fuels the fire to see what’s around the next corner or just over the horizon. We want to keep pushing forward in search of new adventures and make sure that Local Knowledge never gets stale or run-of-the-mill.

Season 5 brings new locations, new fish and new friendships. Rush and I will always fish hard in our respective fisheries, and we will continue to seek new and unique locations where we can explore and learn.

cow yellowfin tuna
One of these new spots for Season 5 has our whole crew fired up. We recently arranged a trip with the great folks at Namotu Island (namotuislandfiji.com) in Fiji. This has been a spot on both of our bucket lists for many, many years. After decades of hearing surfing buddies come back with epic tales of waves and fish, I can’t wait to finally check it out. Doing our research has proven this is just the kind of fishery we love to explore.

Namotu and the surrounding waters offer everything a traveling angler could want. They have three distinct fisheries much like Florida. The Fijian waters offer flats fishing for bonefish, GT’s and other exotics, while the reef tops offer many of the same species that I fell in love with while in Australia – everything from GT’s, coral trout, red bass, and a couple of dozen other exotic gamefish. As if that wasn’t enough to look forward to, we have timed our late January trip to coincide with the yellowfin tuna migration through the nearby waters. Other offshore targets this time of year include wahoo, barred Spanish mackerel, dogtooth tuna and more.

Looking forward to Season 5, we’re also planning on taking advantage of (hopefully) another historic SoCal season filled with the usual characters and of course the big bluefin we have been blessed with. We will also explore the newest fishery right here at home, broadbill swordfish. While we scratched the surface of this fishery in Season 1, we have a score to settle and with a little luck, we’ll get it on film.

kite fishing

We also plan to venture north of SoCal and check out some of the great fishing around the Channel Islands. This is an area neither of us has fished, but the never-ending stream of white seabass, yellowtail, halibut, and rockfish reports have us jonesing to visit.

Another area that has been on our radar since day one has been the Pacific Northwest. This is the year we will drag the big SeaVee north and explore what this fishery has to offer. The PNW is home to some incredible rockfishing, salmon, crabbing and of course huge numbers of our old friends, albacore tuna.

Just writing about these upcoming adventures has me ready to pack and run out the door.

I’m constantly reminded of just how lucky we are to have the support of our audience and sponsors. Without you, none of this is possible. We are absolutely proud of the great list of people and companies that have come together to make this all possible. Brands like Evinrude, AFTCO, Costa, YETI, PENN, SeaVee, Mustad, Seakeeper, JL Audio, Casa Vieja, SeaDek, The Salt Water Angler and Bubba have all teamed up to give us the ability to “live the dream” and we truly appreciate it.
Local Knowledge TV

As we have just kicked off filming Season 5, I’m more fired up than ever to continue sharing our adventures this year and, in the years, to come. As always, we rely on you, our fans to keep us on track and help us find new adventures. If there’s something you’d like to see on the show or somewhere we need to visit, please let us know.

You can reach out to us via social media @local_knowledge or [email protected].