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Gamakatsu offshore hooksGamakatsu continues to track the hottest trends in a multitude of fisheries and then sets out to provide anglers with premium quality hooks designed to excel specifically for each type of fishing.

From bluefin to bluegill, Gamakatsu makes a quality hook just for you.

Assist 520 Ringed

Assist 520 Ringed

In the relentless pursuit of perfection and simplicity, Gamakatsu has added a welded ring to their tournament-winning Assist 520 hook. The constant jigging motion is tough on looped monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid. Gamakatsu has taken every nuance of uncertainty out of the technique by adding a welded ring. Not only is it nearly unbreakable, but the ring is also much faster and easier to connect to the jig eye using a split ring. Available in 3/0 to 6/0 sizes in packs of two. Rigged with 160# (3/0, 4/0 sizes) and 220#- (5/0, 6/0 sizes) braided line.

Nautilus Circle HD with Ring

Nautilus Circle HD with RingThe new, solid, one-piece ringed version of the Nautilus Circle HD hook allows live bait to swim more freely, keeping it alive longer and enticing more prey to engulf it and your hook.

At that point, the finest high-carbon steel penetrates deep and locks in tight for the battle ahead. The Ringed Nautilus HD Hook features 30% heavier wire than the regular Nautilus and 50% less than the Super Nautilus. While its core credibility has been proven in the Southern California bluefin tuna fishery, there is absolute evidence of its prowess in many other heavyweight bouts with monster gamefish worldwide like sturgeon, halibut, grouper and so much more.

Straight Eye 4x Strong Offshore Octopus Hook

Straight Eye 4x Strong Offshore Octopus HookOne of the more versatile hooks in the Gamakatsu line up, the Straight Eye, 4x Offshore Octopus Hook is built to handle big fish. Used for everything from grouper to seabass, the offset beak point penetrates quickly and can be used on either large live baits or chunk baits.


Tuned Tuna Plug Hook with Ring Tuned Tuna Plug Hook with Ring

These Tuned Tuna Plug hooks with a solid welded ring will enhance any of your favorite tuna plugs. The one-piece solid ring allows the hooks to swing more freely, giving a fish less leverage to escape during the fight.


Dry Bag Backpack 20L

Dry Bag Backpack 20LThere are so many ways for your gear to get wet when fishing or enjoying the great outdoors. During extreme conditions where rain, waves, boat spray, or unforeseen accidents could really dampen the fun, store your gear in Gamakatsu’s Dry Bag Backpack 20L. 100% waterproof with sealed seams and breathable back padding for comfort. Top rolls and clips securely to prevent leakage. The front zippered pocket protects valuables. The bag compacts tightly for storage when not in use. Large enough for any overnight or multi-day trip.


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