Lure Spread Tips From Black Bart and Fly Navarro

Fly Navarro is at Black Bart Lures talking to Jack about proven approaches to laying out a lure spread for offshore trolling lures.  One of the most important things to offshore trolling and fishing in general is to keep it simple, but make it right.

Black Bart Lure speed talkingLure Spread Tips

  • Make sure the size of the lures matches what is the most likely fish for your location.
  • Have a pattern of sizes within your spread
  • Place the lager lures up close to the boat on flat lines 
  • Put next size smaller lures on riggers and shotgun.

FlyZoneFly Navarro will take us to the “Fly Zone” with his vast knowledge and list of fishing connections.  Visit his Fly Zone Fishing site or Facebook to learn more or to ask Fly a question.

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