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Long Range Tuna to 351 pounds

Fishing Has Improved

Excel Sportfishing posted April 24: “Captain Justin Fleck called in this morning with an update from the Excel. The fishing on the 22nd was slow so we made a move. After anchoring up at our present location we caught 47 tuna between 60 and 230 pounds. We caught a lot of fish in the high 100s. There is some Wahoo to go along with the Tuna. We had 13 or 14 yesterday and we caught a few for meals.

This morning it started off steady. We had six or seven fish as of 6 A.M. John Montgomery caught a 228 in the dark.”

On The Way

“Good evening everyone from the Independence,” said the report April 24. “We are out again on another 16-day trip, this one sponsored by Savon Tackle. We departed yesterday with a beautiful load of bait from Everingham bros. bait around 1000 hrs. We have a really great group of fisherman for this trip and we spent the past few days rigging and relaxing as well as some odd jobs here and there. The tackle raffles were a big hit as everyone was a winner for sure. There are a few pictures on FB of some of the activities on board here. We are pointed south for our destination that has yet to be determined, so check out the reports as we begin fishing on Sunday.”

Star Reporting:

“Today was a pretty incredible day of fishing,” posted Brian Sims from Royal Star April 24. “We had pretty good action throughout the day. The most impressive part of the day was that the average fish today was around 170 pounds. We finally got a little hit at sundown as well and those were truly giants.

Lon Storms had the largest fish of the day in the sundown bite, a 351-pound beast.

The day before Sims wrote: “Today we had a handful of nice tuna in the morning, including a couple of 190’s, and then it went stone cold. We searched until lunchtime before seeing the sign we were looking for. We managed another 15 tuna before they quit biting in the late afternoon. Of those, six were over 200 pounds with another handful between 180 and 196. Overall just a beautiful grade of fish.”

“Today’s shot is of Peter and Mark Lorman with Mark’s 255# trophy.”

Early Morning Bite Excel’s office posted April 26: “Capt Justin called in, still fishing the lower zone, chipping away with good action in the mornings around three A.M. When daylight comes they go away. Pretty slow throughout the afternoon, we are plugging away and after three days we have over hundred better sized tuna and about 25 Wahoo. Plenty of sign around, we just wish that the bite was more consistent throughout the day. We get a couple shots a day at some cows. We get a few and lose a few, but that’s fishing down here. We will get back with another report tomorrow.”

The photo shows “Bob Wheeler representing Brooklyn, New York! 226-pounder at 0130 this morning.”