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Long Range Reports – Wahoo,Tuna and Grouper

Skins & Grinners

wahoo fishing“Arriving at our destination shortly after lunch,” posted American Angler on October 6, “Mother Nature quickly made it apparent that today was going to be a challenge. As wahoo are hard enough to land by themselves, those pesky sharks made it even harder. At times we had good action on wahoo but the enemies were consistently relentless, but we made the best of what the ocean had to offer today, and it allowed some of us to capture our first wahoo. New to the club is long time angler Janet Ashikaga and Ryan Smith with their first wahoo. Still, with a few wahoo virgins left, we are going to spend the night and try again tomorrow.”

Sails and Grouper

grouper fishing“Slow morning today,” posted Red Rooster III on October 6, “but we had a little bit of action for everybody one angler especially got to put the new Okuma Metaloid 5 to the test. None other the Mr. Sonny Jones himself got his first sailfish with an estimated weight of 140 to 150-pounds. It was released after a heavy-duty battle on 30-pound that lasted about 30 minutes. I want to personally thank Sonny and Okuma for bringing out a bunch of loaner gear for everyone to try. You guys are awesome and now I’m gonna try to steal one of those 5’s from Sonny. We decided to move up to a new shallow. We got 20 tuna, a handful of yellowtail and a few more grouper for our efforts but with these conditions changing so rapidly we decided to look elsewhere.”

Getting Bit’s A Trick

Royal Polaris reported October wahoo bite6: “We arrived to Alijos Rocks at 08:00 hours, started trolling and it didn’t take long for us to land our first wahoo of the trip, but things would not be that easy for the rest of the day. You had to fish hard to get a bit. We had some anglers go 0 for seven, and many went one for seven, so there was not shortage of fish around the boat all day long. We ended up with 40 wahoo, with most in the 40 to 45-pound range, and a few over 50; all very nice fish.

“We departed at dark and we will be looking for kelps in the morning, until we arrive to the upper end of The Ridge. We are hoping to get a few yellowfin, yellowtail and maybe more wahoo. Lucky anglers today were Joe Amagrande with a limit of wahoo (daily limit of five fish), Ron Kono, who had 3 fish and the Medler brothers, with five fish between them and many other anglers with two fish each.”

The next day’s posting read:

“We arrived to the 13 Fathom Spot around 09:00 hours, did some trolling, did some drifting, and did some anchoring.  We had a slow morning, but a good afternoon.  The morning we did have much movement (tidal movement), and the bite just didn’t happen for us. But after lunch, the current started moving, and the yellowfin tuna got busy with us.”

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