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Long Range Reports September 30

A Start Down The Line

American Angler posted this note September 29:

“As we jumped right into another year with the Ken’s Custom Reels gang we decided to put on the brakes and get the sweat off with a little yellowtail action and even though the wind was up and conditions were very tough, the gang did an excellent job of adapting. Flurry-type fishing on all yellowtail techniques kept us busy for a few hours – through the better half of the afternoon and with fish ranging from 16 to 25-pounds, it was a great way to start. With everyone using a few tags and getting the bugs out we are continuing our journey down the line. Bill McDonough and Capt. Dave show off one Bill’s yellows taken on the yo-yo jig.

Dodo Kelps

“A nice travel/ fishing day for us here,” said the report from Intrepid skipper Kevin Osborne September 29. “We found some better weather and a few kelps as we made our way south today. The kelps gave us a bit of fun with high-flying Mahi-Mahi fishing. Everyone tuned their gear back up, enjoyed a brief encounter with a pod of Orcas (killer Whales) that let us get close by. Over all, it was just a nice day on the Pacific with friends. We will arrive at our destination before sunrise tomorrow.”

Variety Workout

Brian Sims posted for the Royal Star September 29:

“Today we worked down the coast and worked on the variety aspect of the trip. We started the day with some good dorado fishing. Worked down for some small yellowtail (released). Then found some 18 to 20-pound tuna to play with. We finished the day with a spectacular sunset, which gets the honors of the photo of the day.”

Skins Pay Off

“Our long ride from San Diego was rewarded today,” noted the Searcher‘s report September 29, “with some good action on yellowfin tuna and a few wahoo. Everyone had a chance at some fish today. Pictured is Curtis Howard from Diamond Bar, CA with the first wahoo of the trip! “We are spending the night here and trying again for more tuna and wahoo. We are enjoying the great weather with light winds and calm seas.”

Skinny Surprise

“We had a nice surprise this morning,” wrote Red Rooster III skipper Andy Cates September 30, “as we pulled up to catch yellowtail and caught wahoo instead. “After the smoke settled we had 19 nice size wahoo for the morning. “We trolled it up and took off and headed up the beach looking and not finding any yellowtail. Tomorrow we are hoping for better results on yellowtail but the wahoo were sure a treat.”

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