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Long Range Reports June 11

School Yellowfin

Skipper Jeff DeBuys wrote for Independence June 9:

“We started our trip offshore looking for tuna, hoping the beautiful weather we had to work with would let us find some tuna. We caught about 45 school-size yellowfin tuna for the morning with no sign of bluefin to be found. We continued the search and after running a few hours in very poor water we got on some bluefin in the 60 to 75-pound range, we ended up only landing three fish but it was good to see after a long day of grinding it out. Tomorrow we are going to switch it up and try for some yellowtail.”

Good Times

Intrepid skipper Kevin Osborne posted for June 9:

“We had some good action at times today and some slow periods as well. The Yellows would come through and really get with it for a short period then back off again, but we were able to make a nice day of it anyhow. During the slow times we changed it up and caught some nice bottom dwellers, which are always crowd pleasers. We are going to give this place another morning before heading back up to get into position for some offshore action.”

In Cow Country

Skipper Andy Cates is fishing in far southern waters on Red Rooster III‘s annual June Heat trip. He posted this June 8:

“We had another nice day today with 26 tuna and 23 Wahoo. Nice tuna again, from100 to 190 pounds, with just the one over 200. But we had a great overall grade.”

Seeing Big Ones

Shogun‘s office posted June 10: “Captain Aaron is having an outstanding time fishing with beautiful weather and sights of big fish all around. On their first day they had 115 Bluefin from 20 to 30 pounds and are adding more as you read this. Tune in to hear Aaron tell you all about it:

We still have a few spots open for our next 8-day trip, don’t be left out of the action! Give us a call at the office (619) 226-8030.”

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