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Long Range Reports – Big Skins & Tuna

American Angler Winners

long range“The American Angler returned late this morning,” posted the office, “and the tuna were beautiful, from school size to 253-pounds. Thanksgiving just got interesting. Congrats to big fish JP winners:

  • 1st place  Steve Leonhart      253-pounds
  • 2nd place  Doug Rodricks     195-pounds
  • 3rd place  Jay Love                156-pounds

Disqualified due to lack of JP funds: Mr. Randall 241-pounds.

“We arranged the schedule a little different this season to give the guys a few days home with their family and friends during this holiday time and after thanksgiving.  We depart again on Dec. 2 for the Seeker 14-day trip.”

Coverage Pays

“Lots of water covered today,” reported skipper Jeff DeBuys for the Independence November 20, “and lots of fish seen, finally late in the day we connected. We had a legitimate shot and landed seven tuna. Five fish were 125 to 170 and there were a few 60-pounders. The weather was spectacular and looks to stay that way. We are gaining altitude all the time.”

The next day he posted,  “Things didn’t look so hot today in the morning, but after lunch the switch was in the ON position. 40 to 60-pound wahoo were chewing the zincs off the boat. Quite the display they put on, bingo after bingo. Everyone had the best fishing they had ever seen on these toothy speedsters. Capt. Jimmy’s Bombs were the hot ticket, as well as Salas and Tady jigs. Flat calm weather made it easy to see the aquarium-style fish shooting through the corner biting jigs right at the boat. We landed 80 fish in about five hours. We’re having trouble sending pictures, but we’ll keep trying. From here we go up all the time, gaining altitude.”

Motoring Up

wahoo skinsSkippering Intrepid, Kevin Osborne posted November 20: “We had a slow morning today with only a few nice fish caught as the great sign we had yesterday all but vanished. We looked hard, but the big tuna were not around this morning. We did have fun picking up some wahoo before departing the zone. We are on the move northbound as TS Rick is on its way and we want to stay well out in front taking advantage of the nice traveling weather. We will be on the hunt for some wahoo and yellows along the way home.”

The next day he posted,  “We enjoyed some fun fishing here at Alijos Rocks today. The weather was just perfect and the big wahoo gave everyone a few shots to add to their catch. Some real nice grade Skinny’s came on today, a few first timers got in on the action too. All in all, it was just a fun day. We are traveling up tonight and will take a look offshore in the morning.”

Half A Hump On Skins

wahoo fishingRoyal Polaris reported November 20: “Well our first try at fishing was a success, with 50-plus wahoo for our efforts today. It was very good fishing on the skin, with most of the fish in the 40 to 50-pound range.

“We had our first-timers get their first try at wahoo fishing, and they did a great job. But then we had our veterans, and they great, with some getting as many as three to four fish each.

“It was easy getting a bite, but getting them to stay hooked was another story. But once you got the hang of it, it was game on. We will give this fishing another try in the morning, before we take off to our next destination. We will try to make a tank of larger baits tonight, so wish us luck.”

On November 21, Royal Polaris posted: “The weather is just beautiful, with clear skies, a slight breeze out of the northwest, and sunny. We topped off our tank with tubes and we are on the move again.  We had 19 wahoo for our morning before heading south. Most of the wahoo are 40 to 50-pounds. We did have to pay the taxman, with one fish, but that’s fishing.  Sometimes you have to pay, and sometimes you get a refund.”

Max Fun

yellowtail reportsBrian Sims reported for the Royal Star November 20: “This was an awesome day of fishing. From sunrise to sunset we had steady action on 75 to 145-pound tuna. Our weather was flat calm and sunny. It simply doesn’t get any more fun than this. Today’s shot is of Sam DeLaTorre of Island Fishing Tackle and Winchester Norton with this pair of 120’s. Second, George Alfaro is all smiles as this 145 comes over the rail.

On the 22nd, Sims reported, “Today we caught yellowtail in the morning and went sportfishing in the afternoon. The yellows were biting well in the morning and we caught a reasonable amount, so that everyone has enough for prime table fare. Then we switched modes and just enjoyed some catch and release fishing in crystal clear conditions. The tuna put on a great show free swimming under the boat and those who were not completely satiated pulled on tuna to their arms gave out. Fred Lee adds an incredible sense of humor to all of the trips he goes on, and catches his share while laughing the whole time. Today he shows off one of the nice yellows from this morning.