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Long Range Fishing Reports

A Better Day!

Excel Sportfishing, the boat’s office, posted this item March 23: “Captain Justin Fleck called in early this morning with an update from the Big X. The fishing was slow in the morning yesterday but things turned around in the afternoon.

We ended up with 35 tuna yesterday up to 185 pounds.

We have a couple more days and then we will be heading back to the Cape.

Sailing Along

Intrepid‘s skipper Kevin Osborne posted March 22:

“We are back on the water heading down with Tony Garza and our Soft Steel Ultra gang.

Today we are busy rigging up and Tony had a nice raffle with lots of great prizes for everyone on board. Some of the prizes included two $50 gift certificates to Fisherman’s Processing, three Yo-Zuri Marauders, Catchy Tackle Wahoo Bombs, $50 Gift certificates to Longfin Tackle Store, and of course plenty of Soft Steel Ultra Premium monofilament and Soft Steel Ultra Camo Flourocarbon line. The weather is overcast so far today with calm seas. We will decide on our first destination in the upcoming days.”

Didn’t Wait Long

Royal Polaris had a nice day March 22, posting this: “Our morning started out very slow, with only two Yellowfin for our morning bite. Around 10:00 hours we pulled our anchor and went searching for Wahoo, and we only landed two for our efforts. After trolling, Jonathan put the anchor down, and it was time to wait. “But we didn’t wait too long; fish started making their way closer to the boat. It was like someone turned the switch to ‘go.’ And go we did. We had an excellent afternoon on Yellowfin tuna. The first bunch was the 90 to 120-pound size, then the 150 to 180s. We did land three fish over the 200-pound mark.

Lucky anglers today were Joe Amagrande, with a 202-pound Yellowfin tuna, Bob Garber with a 210-pound Yellowfin tuna, and the daily jackpot winner was Jack Preston with a 213-pound Yellowfin tuna. Bob Garber won a Royal Polaris Jacket for his 200-pound Yellowfin tuna. We will try to make bait again tonight, so wish us luck and we will keep you posted on our daily events.”

The next day the boat posted:

“The beat goes on, here on the Royal Polaris. We had another excellent afternoon of fishing.

Our morning was a bit slow with only two fish landed. But at 14:00 hours, the bite was on. We ended our day with 35 Yellowfin up to 157 pounds and 1 Wahoo.

Lucky angler today was Jim Howard with a 157-pound Yellowfin tuna, and also the daily Jerry Brown jackpot winner. This was Jim’s personal best. Most of the fish were in the 120 to 140-pound range, with a few in the 70 to 90-pound range. At one point all the fish were landed were in the 150 to 157-pound category.”

Warm Water In La Paz

Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter Fish Reports posted about the week ending March 23:

“The warm water species have really not left. They’ve slowed a bit, but folks, we’ve been catching dorado since Christmas.

We’ve had little jags of wahoo and even tuna throughout the winter and even the occasional marlin. These are all “glamor “ species we don’t see until later in the season, at least late spring or so. The warm waters have kept these fish in the area and that’s what folks have been catching. They’re fun. They’re impressive fighters. They’re great eating. What’s not to like? Captains, as a pragmatic issue, will also follow the path of “least resistance.” “No sense in chasing bottom fish like pargo or amberjack that will bite, but will frustrate the anglers and possibly send them home with empty fish boxes when dorado are swimming around and make for fast action and great fun and Kodak moments on the beach. “This past week our some of our pangas got limits of dorado up to 25 pounds, plus cabrilla, a few small roosters, bonito and jack crevalle. Good action.

There were some yellowtail caught by commercial guys around Cerralvo Island and north of La Paz, but early in the week there were some huge winds that kept everyone close or not even going out. “Given the current warmth of our waters, if something dramatic happens, like a sudden decrease in open temperature and everything got cold, I don’t think that would be a good thing. In our past experience, that might just shock the waters and the fish. The waters would turn green and murky and fish wouldn’t bite. That’s just speculation on my part, but I’d rather have fish biting than possibly none at all! Even if they are dorado and billfish! Nothing wrong with that. And nothing wrong with the ocean either! It’s just another cycle that we go through and this year just happens to be warmer than normal!”

Long Range Fishing Reports

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