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Long Range Boats Check In

Morning Bite Prevails

Capt. Justin Fleck called in from the Excel with an update for the boat’s office. “The fishing has been a little slow the last two days with the bite being primarily from 4 A.M. to sunup. We get a chance at about 10 to 25 fish and then when the sun comes up they disappear. We do a shot at a couple big ones each day. It is a struggle throughout the day to find something to work on. But, we are putting it together to make it a good trip, the weather is nice now with winds being light and variable. We have a couple more days left down here in the lower zone, hopefully we can get a big hit to round out the trip before we start heading north for home. We will check in again in a day or two. Later that evening, Fleck posted: “Another brutally slow afternoon here on the fishing grounds.

The highlight was Jamie Massion catching this 226-pound tuna on the kite.

Here’s Jamie enjoying a cigar and an adult beverage.”

Day Two Wrap Up

Independence skipper Jeff DeBuys posted April 28: “After the morning hit we tried all sorts of areas for another 17 fish that were good grade, a couple of 170 to 180-pounders and a standout 225-pounder caught by Vladimir Kustudic to round out the day. We had 37 tuna and a couple of Wahoo, and three cows for the effort. Sea ya all mañana.”

On April 29, DeBuys wrote: “Good evening everybody, here is what we know. Again things got going early on today, as timing is everything. The cows pulled a no-show, but the fish that did show up were just what we needed.

Very good action on 90 to 190-pound fish today and they put on a good show until 0800 and then they went away.

The rest of the day was a few fish here and there. We tallied 39 tuna and one lone Wahoo for the effort today. The weather is just perfect down here as well. Check out the pictures on FB as we put some up from the days fishing.”

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