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Local Tuna For Thanksgiving

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local tuna

Friday last week, I speculated that we might be seeing the re-bite of the tuna migrating back south. I can’t confirm that what we’re seeing now is the result of these fish returning south, but wow…what a weekend! They bit and they bit big, with several boats notching U.S. limits (10 per angler) or close to them of yellowfin tuna.

The bite was close enough to the San Diego landings that even a half-day boat found a way to get into the action.

The San Diego, who kicked off this latest round of tuna action with their score last Thursday had some big scores. Friday, they bagged 122 yellowfin and 4 skipjack for 48 anglers. Then, Saturday they put 225 yellowfin on the boat for only 28 lucky anglers, including the 2 ladies pictured above. The most shocking thing to that stat line to me is that with a bite like this one, only 28 anglers came out on a weekend!

sportfishing tripsThe Sea Watch, who is currently running the half-day trips out of Seaforth, while the New Seaforth is doing maintenance, caught 43 yellowfin on their Sunday morning run for 32 anglers. My buddy, John Anjard was on the boat. The recommended setup has been 15 or 20-pound fluorocarbon leader to a small hook (#2 to 1/0) to accommodate the nice anchovy bait that these fish are hot on. John told me he got 3 on straight 30-pound mono and a fourth on the popper! These fish are a smallish, 15-20-pounds for the most part, but who’s complaining.

One of my friends, living in the LA area, asked me if I thought it was worthwhile to go down to San Diego tomorrow and give it a try. I told him if he wanted to catch tuna, YES. It’s already started to slow down. Boat pressure will do that to a bite. I’m not sure how the bait held up over the weekend either. It seemed like anyone with a floating vessel was out last weekend. All these things being said, I think there is a pretty good opportunity right now.

Outside of tuna, there’s still some sporadic yellowtail action. The fish are still around. We’re nearing a full moon, so I’d bet the bite improves with the bigger tidal action the moon brings.

Pacific IslanderPersonally, I spent the weekend fishing San Miguel aboard the Pacific Islander last weekend. It was one of those rare weather windows for this time of year that allowed us to reach that furthest Channel Island. The lingcod and sheephead action was really good and I’m looking forward to doing it again this coming Thanksgiving weekend (fingers crossed on the weather).

I wish all of you a happy and safe holiday. Hopefully you will find time to get on the water over the long holiday weekend.